Sunday, 4 March 2012

Primark Print Skirt

My blog is not going to be focused on fashion because I don't consider myself to be particularly stylish, especially on a daily basis!  I will probably do a few 'Outfit of the Day/Night's if I am dressed up for nights out or anything I think is quite nice.  I thought since I mentioned this in my recent I'd put an outfit together which I'd had in my head (these things don't usually work out well for me!).  They are both similar but just to show the different shirts.

Shirt: Primark £10
Skirt: Primark £4
Blazer: New Look £25

Skirt and Blazer as before.
Blouse: New Look £18

I prefer the first one but originally I wanted to wear this for going to a club and I thought the sleeves would make me really warm, so I tried it with a sleeveless one too.  Now you can see my love for the colour orange...  
I didn't even end up wearing this and wore a red lacy dress from New Look instead - if I find any pictures I will post them but I don't think there was many taken!  My friend even did my hair really nicely and I don't have any evidence of it before it deflated, gutted!



  1. I love this skirt, I saw it a couple of weeks ago but didn't think I could pull it off :/ xx

    1. Yeah I was quite unsure about it too but I'm really pleased with it - glad I got it!

  2. Love the skirt and the blazer! x

  3. I love this skirt! It would also go with my orange blazer lol xx

  4. What a gorgeous skirt! I love the aztec print!


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