Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 7. One Favorite Of Each: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contour

Lipstick: Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Fuchsia Fun
L - MUA Shade 12, R - Avon Fuchsia Fun

I really found choosing a favourite lipstick difficult!  I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis only on special occasions and I have quite a lot so I change it often.  I have chosen Fuchsia Fun by Avon as I think I've used this quite a lot, it's so sparkly too and I love a bit of sparkle!  Because Avon are not cruelty free I have also found this alternative by MUA in Shade 12 by Superdrug who are BUAV approved.  In 'real life' The MUA one is more corally but they are quite interchangeable, both have nice sparkles!

Lipgloss: Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D in 48 Rose Romantic

Again, like lipsticks I found it hard to choose a lipgloss 'cause I don't really wear them.  My favourite lipglosses are these Bourjois Gloss Effet 3D and I have them in 3 shades.  I have chosen Rose Romantic out of these as my favourite as it is the most versatile and because of the gorgeous gold shimmer in it, it can make any lipstick more interesting.

Eyeshadow: Sin by Urban Decay
Top right eyeshadow is Sin, underneath is YDK.

I had my first experience of Sin in the Ammo palette and I fell in love with it.  It's a lovely shimmery shell pink colour which can be used in so many way - wash over the eye, as a brow highlight (with a gentle hand!), as a base colour then add definition in crease and outer corner.  It is also really pretty as a face highlight.  Unfortunately the eyeshadow pictured is no more, tragic!  I really want to get another one as although it is in the Ammo and Naked palette, I don't want to use these ones too much!

Mascara: Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect

I have mentioned this a few times before so yeahh... It's good!  See Day 1 for info on it.

Eyeliner: Avon SuperShock in Blackberry

On the left in both photos.

I got this at the end of January just before I found out about Avon testing on animals - grrrr!  So this was on my last Avon purchases!  I did a mini haul/review here talking about the other colour pictured and another item I got if you are interested.  The eyeliner is a deep, warm brown but it has got purple glitter specks which are subtle but really pretty and unusual.  It is also very long lasting and it does not move once you've put it on!

Blusher: Any berry colour!

I just love purpley/berry blushers and the one I have used the most is Berry Merry by E.L.F.  Sorry the photo is quite blurry, it's from a while ago and I only seem to have one!  It can also be seen in the wee palette above which is more recent - but I thought it would be better to show a photo of it before I hit pan.

Bronzer (instead of contour):  Nars Laguna
On the right, also in palette are Orgasm and Albatross.

I don't use bronzer very often, only really if I am going on a night out, and I only tend to apply it to the back of my cheekbones.  I like this one as it isn't muddy looking, and also isn't orange - which is good!  It does have some gold shimmer in it which some people might not like but it's not overwhelming.


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