Friday, 30 March 2012

New Year's Resolutions Update!

My New Year’s Resolutions and how I am progressing with them!:
  • Get back into reading, been slacking so bad recently!  My new Kindle will help though I think :D
I am on 12th book so far this year, my Kindle definitely makes a difference!  I am aiming to read 40 but I am sure I could do a lot more than that especially in the summer.
  • Get to bed before midnight on uni nights.
Uhh... This one hasn't really worked out very well for me!!  Some days I start uni at 12 and I get a lie so no point in being in bed before 12...  Still working on it!
  • Try to be more motivated for uni and read my notes etc. at the time…
Oh god, well I do think I am a lot better than previous semesters!
  • Be able to give blood, uch, I will at least try!
I'm only now just able to do it as you need to wait a year after piercing, but not sure how much I weigh at the moment so that could still be a problem.
  • Get back to callanetics and pole dancing and go to at least one kettle bells class!
I have been going to callanetics almost every week!  Also doing pole dancing, yoga and zumba, so I am doing well with this resolution!  Sadly I've not been to kettle bells class because my friends have stopped going now!
  • Be better at saving again even if only putting a little bit away every month.
I've been good with this one.  Because I halved my hours I can only put £25 away instead of the £50 I was doing previously.  But it's better than nothing!
  • Continue to cut down meat consumption.
I am only eating fish now!
  • Ironically - spend less time on social networking sites….
Ahem... well this one hasn't really worked!  I've stopped using Facebook and Tumblr as much I as I did previously, Twitter as much as ever and of course I've recently started my blog so I've spending a lot of time on here!  However my blog can be counted as a hobby I think so I don't feel guilty about it, it's worthwhile!

Which is 4 out of 8, not too bad for a quarter of the way though this year!

How are you getting on with yours?


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