About Me

Hello :)

My name is Louise, I’m 24 and from Scotland, currently living in Greater Manchester.  I’m writing this is because I am very nosy and love reading about other peoples lives so here is a bit about me for anyone interested!

I moved down south over a year ago for a job in a fashion retail head office, I'm hoping to get experience of the role so that I can move back up in a couple of years, I don't see myself being here long term.  Who knows though, things change!

I did BSc in Mathematics at uni and also did a year at college doing an HNC in Makeup Artistry.

I've been pescatarian since 2012 and vegetarian since I moving out in 2014.  I love animals and can't imagine eating them now!  I've also been cruelty free a few years now, meaning I avoid brands who test on animals.

I started my blog to share my interest in make up and beauty and also to show that there are lots of great companies out there who don't test on animals.

Back at home in Scotland we have 4 cats, Theo, Tia, Rory and Jake.  I really miss having pets, although I don't miss being covered in cat hair 24/7...  It wouldn't be fair to get one now as I am travelling up to Scotland once a month and having people down in between times.

Some of my hobbies are yoga, singing, reading and travelling!

You can find me on twitter, Instagram and tumblr, or get in touch by email.

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