Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bunny Friendly Beauty Tag

I was tagged by Morag from mo'adore and you can read her post here; the tag was first created by Victoria - you can read hers here.

How long have you been on your cruelty free journey?
I think it was around 2010, so nearly 6 years!

What made you decide to go cruelty free?
I'm not sure of the pivotal moment however I think I just thought about it one day and realised I didn't know enough about it, then after looking into it I discovered how common it still was.  This led me to do my own research on brands and find out which ones were cruelty free and which to avoid.

What has been the hardest product to find a cruelty free dupe for?
A good anti-perspirant/deodorant! I have found ones which are okay, but nothing as good as the ones I used pre-cruelty free unfortunately.

What's the best cruelty free dupe you've found?
I have been cruelty free for so long that this is a hard question for me!  I don't really go for dupes intentionally, I tend to just buy things because I like them anyway.

What product or brand do you wish was cruelty free?
Not one in particular but it would be great if high street brands such as the likes of Maybelline or L'Oreal were cruelty free as they are such huge, powerful companies it would make a big difference, as well as the fact they are so affordable and attainable!

What's your holy grail cruelty free brand?
Probably Superdrug as it's great for getting the essentials like toothpaste then things like suncream.  However I do my food shop shop in Morrisons which is also cruelty free for beauty products, I am hoping their cleaning/household items will soon be BUAV approved soon as well.

Name one cruelty free brand we might not have heard of?
White Rabbit Skincare - an independent Scottish skincare brand which are lovely, also vegan!

Are you a vegan? If so, for how long and have you had any struggles? If not, why not?
Not currently vegan but I have been pescatarian since 2012 and vegetarian since moving out in 2014 and there is no way I would go back to meat, I don't miss it at all!

I am slowly making vegan swaps to things in my own cooking - butter, for example.  I think realistically I will end up being vegan at home and be vegetarian when eating out but I'll see, it might all just fall into place the way it did going veggy! 

What's your favourite local vegan friendly venue?
I live just outside Manchester which is a brilliant city for veggy/vegan places.  A particularly good one is VRevolution which is a totally unhealthy vegan junk/fast food selling the most amazing burger and hot dog concoctions!  They also have a little mini shop selling lots of vegan goodies such as chocolates, and meat and cheese substitutes.

You have 30 seconds to convert someone to a cruelty free lifestyle - what would you say to them?
I would say that although one person doesn't seem like they are making a difference, it is amazing to know yourself that you are not causing harm to animals by your lifestyle and that just by mentioning your views to others can make them rethink their choices.

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