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Why I try to avoid Superdrug...

I have mentioned in a few posts and on twitter recently that I try to avoid Superdrug and understandably I've had people asking me why, so I am writing this to explain why!

I found out last summer through CCTV for Slaughterhouse's facebook page that although BUAV approved, Superdrug were raising money and donating it to charities such as Cancer Research UK and The Institute of Cancer Research who both use animal testing in their medical research.  This seems very hypocritical to me and is annoying that BUAV don't take this into account (they also don't take parent companies stance on animal testing into consideration).

So sent Superdrug the following email using their contact link:

I am just writing to you to say how pleased I was when your own brands were BUAV approved - which is fantastic.  However I am now very disappointed to discover that you are raising money to donate to charities which use animal testing in the medical field (Cancer Research UK, The Institute of Cancer Research).  I find this very hypocritical and if you really believe that testing on animals is wrong then you should not be contributing to these institutions who believe that animal testing is excusable.  It is also unethical for you to be using people who are against animal testing’s money to pass it on to companies who do so.  This is completely unfair, and in my honest opinion just plain vulgar.  I really hope you review your decision and in the future donate to cruelty free charities instead.  Until then I am very sorry to say I will be boycotting all your products.
Louise Brown
Please feel free to copy and paste this if you want to contact them yourself!

And here is the reply I received:
Dear Miss Brown,
Thank you for your email enquiry regarding Cancer research UK.
Superdrug supports Cancer Research UK as part of its campaign to educate customers on the dangers of skin cancer and the ways this disease can be avoided by taking some simple steps during the summer.  Rates of skin cancer are increasing each year in the UK and we believe that offering our customers the expertise and advice of the country’s biggest charity cancer research UK, is vital to help stop this growth.

Neither Superdrug or its own brand manufacturers commission animal testing on any of its own brand products or ingredients.  All Superdrug’s own brand beauty and health products carry accreditation from the BUAV.

Thank you for contacting Superdrug.

Kind Regards
Miss S Berry
Superdrug Customer Relations
Which in my opinion is a load of crap.  How about you stop selling low factor sunscreen (pointed out to me by one of the wonderful members of the facebook group “CCTV for all slaughterhouses”)?  Why don’t you do your own research and find a cruelty free charity to support?  By advocating a cruelty free charity I am sure they would gain a lot more of support from various groups!  I am pretty shocked by their sheer ignorance to be honest.  I know that there are a lot of people who shop there for the sole reason that they are cruelty free and vegan, so taking these people's money and putting it towards the very thing that they are against?  They have been ‘unliked’ and ‘unfollowed’ by me!  I urge you to email them if you agree with me - they need to know that this is wrong!

Admittedly, I have bought a couple of things from Superdrug since I found out about this, but I did use my points so only had to pay for a pound of it!  I am buying a lot less than what I would be buying anyway!

Also this was last year so I am not 100% sure if they are still doing this, but considering it is coming up to summer again the chances are that they are.  I will look into this!  Click here for an update.

Thanks for reading, a very boring wordy post again boo!!

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*EDIT: I no longer avoid Superdrug as buying cruelty free is tough enough as it is, however if there is an easy alternative I will try to use it!*


  1. I just found your blog this morning and really like it :) It's mainly due to posts like these. I've always been anti-animal testing but unfortunetly didn't educate myself so that I could act with my money. Thanks for this post. I don't go into Superdrug reguarily as I am very into Lush and there's a really cheap local cosmetic shop two stores down from my local Superdrug that does cotton buds on the cheap. But Boots is also only fives stores the other way so think I shall pop in there from now on if I'm needing my Barry M fix!

    As for the charities I shall be looking into other cancer charities to support :)

    Morag x

    1. Aw thank you!

      It can be really hard sometimes, but it's definitely worth it :) Yeah Boots is great! There are so many things I love from Superdrug but I try to keep it to a minimum :(

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Mate, I'm not trying to be rude or anything but you're not only discouraging but also shaming people who raise money for one of the best cancer research charities in the UK. Cancer Research Uk is trying to find treatments to save people's lives and if the price we have to pay is using animals to achieve that purpose then fucking go for it. I'm not against anti- animal cruelty but I'm just really pro- saving people's lives. So I don't think super drug are vulgar for raising money for charities of that sort, instead I find it noble. If you were to pay money for something, you'd want to put your money in the right place and donating money for Cancer Research Uk is the right place to donate, so I don't see the need of finding alternatives. Also when you say taking money from vegans and putting it towards the only thing they object, are you suggesting vegans are against saving people's lives? I'm honestly worried for my fucking life if people value animal's lives more than they value other people's lives, it's sad really.

    1. Thanks for your comment but yes I am against Cancer Research UK and all other medical charities which torture animals. I am well aware this is controversial but it's not going to change my mind. I am quite happy to put people off donating but I highly doubt anyone has been put off after speaking to me... I prefer to donate to Dr Hadwen's Trust who use cutting edge science which doesn't use animals, their website is worth a visit and you'll see why animals are more than often not needed or a hindrance in tests. I don't value animals lives more than humans but I also don't value humans over animals... just because we are more intellectual why does that make us more important? Thanks again for your comment!

  3. You are an idiot.
    I am 100% cruelty free when it comes to cosmetics and such but life saving medication needs to be tested on animals. I say this as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry! Without animal testing we would not have 90% of the medications we have today - yes there are other methods using computers and isolated cells etc but these do not account for the many physiological systems working within a living body which is why animal testing is crucial. Drugs are also tested on humans long before they can be approved for general use and people do experience side effects and some even die, it's a part of western medicine and it's how it has to be for now.
    Please remember this when you take your next dose of paracetamol, your contraceptive pill or are in hospital needing urgent care cause I can guarantee every drug you put into your body has been tested on animals at some point in time.

    1. wow thanks! I am well aware of this however I just don't want to donate to any charity which supports it, apologies that this has made you so pissed off at me :)

  4. Well done in highlighting this. Never be afraid to stand up for what's right no matter what criticism you get.
    My dad and best friend both had cancer and passed away. They didn't die from cancer - they both died because of the chemotherapy drugs that wrecked their bodies worse than the cancer ever did.
    Testing drugs on caged animals in a controlled environment doesn't work. If it did with all the billions they've spent on cancer drugs and animals they've tested these drugs on, they'd have a cure by now.
    Sadly what seems to happen is it comes on the news that there's a new cure for say one type of cancer and the journalists are too lazy to ask the pertinent question - Has this been tested on humans?(often it hasn't) This gets the hopes up of people who are suffering and they wrongly believe "Hey that's great - they've found a cure."
    More cases than not you never hear of that drug again because it didn't work in humans or the side effects were worse than the cancer itself.
    Like you, I don't believe in animal testing not just because I love animals but because I care for humans too.
    There are far more reliable ways to test drugs intended for humans than on animals. Here's a link to CrueltyFree International's take on
    Alternatives to animal tests that are often cheaper, quicker and more effective

    Good luck with you blog and please keep fighting the good fight.
    PS - I also have a cruelty free blog over at
    its a companion to my book Living Cruelty Free: Live a more compassionate Life
    I've had my share of nasty comments, including some from a vivisector.

  5. Superdrug's chosen charity has been Marie Curie Cancer Care for the past 3 years atleast.


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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