Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Recently Read: To Kill a Mockingbird

Whether I will make this a series kind of thing or not I am unsure, but I am just going to give some of my thoughts on this book I read recently.  It's not going to be any in depth book review so don't worry - I got a C for Higher English okay!  If you do like this sort of thing and would like me to keep doing it then please let me know, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I don't know if you will have noticed but to the right of my blog I have a little widget thing which is the 2012 Reading Challenge and I am aiming to read 40 books this year.  I love reading and I would always have a book on the go but I am quite slow!  One of my new year's resolutions was to read more so I thought this would be a fun way to keep track of it and I also got a Kindle for Christmas which has definitely encouraged me to read more, and also quicker!

For the past few months I have created a wee routine of reading a more intellectual/thought-provoking book (ie. Jodi Picoult books, classics...) and then I will read a more simple 'beach' type novel (ie. Shopaholic series, Pretty Little Liars...).  I find this a really good method because after reading something which you need to use your head more for you tend to just want a book to have a break with, something really easy and entertaining to follow it up with!  I decided to read To Kill a Mockingbird for one of the more 'difficult' reads as I have never read it before; I know it is quite a popular book for schools, but we didn't do it.

It was completely different to what I expected!  I think most people know the gist of the story - a white lawyer defending a black man convicted of rape, but from the perspective of the lawyers children.  What surprised me was that there actually wasn't all that much mention of this in relation to the rest of the book.  It is divided into two parts and the first part is all about the children's lives and how they spend their time and then in the second half they start mentioning the father's case more and then they have the court case nearer the end which the children sneak into.

I did really enjoy it and only had to look up a few words (some I just assumed or guessed what they meant...).  I would like to read it again now that I know what to expect!  So if you have not read this book then you definitely should read it once!  The protagonist Scout, who is about 7 I think at the beginning of the book, is just cutest little girl with such a big personality.  It is so interesting seeing life through her eyes.  Also the ending is just fantastic and so gripping!

On another but related note, Goodreads is a really good website for keeping track of all the books you've read and more importantly I find, the books you want to read!



  1. Great review! I'm actually a book blogger as well as a beauty blogger - I have two blogs I keep separate - so I personally would love to read book reviews as well!
    I haven't read this book. I have to say that I never knew what it was about, but I have such a hard time understanding classics, I tend to steer clear of them. But this one seems maybe not so hard, a lot more modern than I would have expected. Maybe I should give it a go. Thanks for the review, and good luck with your challenge!

    1. Thanks for reading :) yes I thought it would be more difficult to read but it was actually fine! Definitely have a try :)

  2. Blast from the past! Took me right back to GCSE English! I like book reviews I read about 5 books a week and ashamedly all chick lit :S x

    1. Aw I wish I'd studied it! So much must have went over my head lol! That's still really good! Love me some chick lit :P


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