Sunday, 25 March 2012

Superdrug Update

In my post about Superdrug I said I'd find out whether this was still continuing and I had a look on their website and came across this:
Since 2006 we have been working to raise fund and awareness to support charities which work on skin cancer campaigns. We have worked with the Institute of Cancer Research, the Teenage Cancer Trust and CRUK and this year will see us exceed raising over £1 million for skin cancer charities over the last six years.
Which can be found here, and pretty much answers the question, unfortunately they are still doing it and are not showing signs of stopping any time soon!

Complimentary cat photo!



  1. Thanks for sharing this info otherwise I would never have known. I definitely agree that it is hypocritical and a pretty poor choice for them to support an organisation that tests on animals. Research into cancer is crucial as there are so many people dying secondary to cancer. However I don't see the need for testing on animals to do this, especially when alternatives such as in vitro testing are available.

    1. No problem, yeah I wouldn't have know either if it hadn't been for the Facebook group! I know it really sucks :(


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