Friday, 2 March 2012

First Impressions: Naked 2 Palette

So here it is, my gorgeous new palette!  This is not going to be a review or any in-depth discussion about it, it is simply my first reactions to the new naked palette.  So I’m not going to swatch and compare every single shade, loads of other fantastic beauty bloggers have done this long before me!

Firstly, looking at the outside it is definitely better packaging than the first one which as you can see from the picture gets boggin’, and the gold ink has started chipping off.  I don’t even travel with mine very often, and I’d imagine it would get more messy if it was being carried around daily in a make up bag.  It is in a tin and also has a more secure fastening system compared to the magnetic closing on the first one, it actually clips shut and feels a lot more robust.  Naked 2 also has a huge mirror which is always useful!

In the second picture down of them both opened, the new one is the one on the top (as opposed to the other photo - nice one there Louise!).  At a glance you can see there are some similar shades and some new ones.  I decided to compare the ones that look similar in the pan to see how they looked beside each other on skin.

These two are Smog (on the left) from first palette and Snakebite from the second palette. Fortunately these don’t look as alike on skin as they do in their pans, Smog is definitely a more metallic gold and Snakebite just quite a plain (sorry!) shimmery brown.

 On the left here is Hustle (Naked) and Busted (Naked 2).  In the top photo there is no flash used and they look very similar!  Then I used the flash and got quite a different outcome… I think it washed them out as they do not look this gold or pale in real life, but I thought it was an interesting comparison nonetheless!

Sidecar on the left (Naked) and Suspect (Naked 2).  Although they would be easily interchangeable for each other I think, Sidecar is more warm and Suspect more cool-toned.

The last pair are Toasted from the first palette, and YDK on the right.  These two are again very similar and could be dupes for one another, but the one on the left being slighter lighter warmer brown. I am noticing a trend of the the colours in the ‘old’ palette being very gold/warm based in comparison to the second selection.

One thing which surprised me actually was that the actual eyeshadows in the new palette were a lot finer when I swatched them, they felt more finely milled and soft between my fingers, the only one from these which felt pretty much the same as in the previous one was YDK.  Blackout also felt quite chalky and powdery, but I think that tends to come with the territory of having a pitch black matte eyeshadow.

Two colours I really like from the Naked 2 are Pistol and Verve which are silvery/grey shades and are really stunning, very unlike the other colours in the two palettes.
With the palette you get a mini lipgloss and a double ended synthetic (of course!) brush.  The brush is quite nice, not amazing but I’m guessing it’s not one of their best because they are putting it with the palette as a sort of ‘extra’.

The lipgloss is fine, I am not a big lipgloss fan generally so I’m not really the best person to judge it!  It is quite sticky and it is also plumping - that gave me a fright when I first put it on, “AHHH it’s minty and tingles!” - so these are types of lipgloss I would probably avoid.  As for colour, I have very pigmented lips naturally (excuse my lips, I’d spent the whole day biting them!) so it just made them shiny and gave a wee bit of pinky/purple sparkle.  I would rarely wear lipgloss on it’s own anyway so I think it would probably be nice over a pink or even more violet toned lipstick to jazz it up!

In conclusion (oh god, reminds me of Higher English), it is an expensive palette at £36, I used vouchers so it only cost me £21 and I don’t regret buying it at all but I would not have bought it for the full price.  It had some very similar shades to the first one, with a few new exciting ones, but overall I wouldn’t say it is really worth the money if you have the original.



Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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