Friday, 21 March 2014

Sigma Kabuki Kit

I got this set as well when I bought the Mrs Bunny Travel Kit in 2012 when Sigma did free international shipping for Black Friday.  I can't seem to find this set on the Sigma website anymore so I'm not sure if they've discontinued it, but the Kabuki Kit with 5 brushes is still available for $84.

The brushes in this set are all available individually for $21 so in the 5 brush set you're technically getting one brush for free.  The four brushes I have are as follows:

F80 Flat Kabuki - As I've mentioned before I don't like flat foundation brushes, I much prefer to buff it into my skin, so this is one of the brushes I use for foundation.

F82 Round Kabuki - I also really like this one for foundation, more so than the flat one as the round shape is better at getting in around the nose area.

F84 Angled Kabuki - This one is perfect for bronzer and contouring, but I also like to use the tip for highlighter.

F86 Tapered Kabuki - I particularly like this one for highlighter but the shape of it is also good for contouring.

I really like these brushes, they're so soft and densely packed.  The downside of this is that that can take forever to dry after washing them!  Also because I use Brush Guards to help them keep their shape, this probably makes it a bit longer too.  I usually leave them out drying for a couple of days just to make sure!



  1. they look pretty nice though, I can see how these would feel nice on skin


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