Monday, 17 March 2014

Lush Golden Egg Bath Melt/Bomb

I managed to get to a Lush and buy some items from my Easter wishlist, I was quite good though and only got 2 things!  The first one I've tried is the Golden Egg which is a bath bomb surrounded by a bath melt, and then by looks of it, drenched in gold glitter...  I got the lady in Lush to pick it up for me so I didn't get covered in the stuff haha.

As you can see compared to my hand it's a good size, which you would expect really as it's a '2 in 1' product!  I popped it in my bath and all the glitter came off into the water, beginning to melt turning it a golden yellow.  Once all the 'melt' part was finished, you could tell as it started fizzing properly and bobbing around, giving off more colour and some foamy bubbles.  When it was fully dissolved - which took ages, at least 5 minutes - the water ended up kind of a weird colour actually!  More of a pale yellow with some glitter floating around which was a bit odd haha!  However once you get over that, it is a rather pleasant bath, the cocoa butter makes the water really soft and silky.  The scent of it is similar to Honey I Washed The Kids, however I don't think it's quite as sweet as the soap, with a very slight cirtus-y edge to it which is nice.  As someone who isn't a big fan of really sweet smells, I think this was a perfect balance for me.

After getting out the bath my skin felt nice and soft but not too oily.  I did need to shower to get rid of any excess product and glitter on my skin!  When I drained the bath, the entire bottom was just covered in glitter, oops!  Luckily most of it just washed away but there was some still left stuck, which I did mean to clean with a flannel at some point...

I enjoyed this bath ballistic and would repurchase at some point but I'm not bothered about stocking up on it while the Easter collection is out.  At £3.50 I think it's pretty reasonable when you get the effects and benefits of both the melt and bomb.  Also I should add that unlike HIWTK, Golden Egg is vegan which is great!  Online here.

Have you tried this Lush product?


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