Thursday, 27 March 2014

Out There Interiors Wishlist

I still live at home but I'm expecting to move out fairly soon (i.e. once I can get a job that means I can afford to...) so recently I've been keeping an eye out for things I'd like to have in my own flat/house.  I was introduced to Out There Interiors recently and have been enjoying browsing through their website, there's a lot of stunning and really unusual items on there!  Here are a selection of ones I like, although be warned, this is definitely a 'money is no object' wishlist!

Out There Interiors

  1. Chrome Globe Chandelier - Available in 3 sizes and also in a gold colour, I think this chandelier looks really classy but not too over the top.
  2. Arne Style Egg Chair -  This chair looks so comfy and comes in a great selection of colours!  I love this bright orange one though.  No idea where I'd put this, perhaps in an office area?
  3. Fusion Dinner Plate - How crazy are these dinner plates?!  There's lots of designs and types of crockery.  They're so quirky and unusual, love them.
  4. Mirrored Two-Drawer Dressing Table - I've always liked mirrored furniture ever since I saw it in TiffanyD's (the youtube beauty guru) videos.  As stunning as it is, I think it would be such a pain to keep clean!
  5. Dressing Table Triple Mirror - Although the dressing table is mirrored, it's not much use without an actual mirror is it... 
  6. Dressmaker's Mannequin - How cute is this!  It comes in different patterns too.  I'd like this for displaying some necklaces - and possibly for 'storing' clothes (aka flinging them on there instead of on the floor...).
Have you heard of Out There Interiors before?  Have you got a favourite homeware store/website?



  1. I love looking at interiors, the dressing table is lovely :) good luck with your job hunt! xx

  2. I've been living in my flat for a year and a half and it still isn't done up properly :P

    1. Haha! I will definitely be getting fully furnished to start with!


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