Monday, 10 March 2014

Bdellium Tools

I first saw Bdellium Tools (the B is silent) on Cutecosmetics website, then when I was at IMATS in London they had a big stall there which was great to see them all up close rather than online.  Bdellium Tools come in a few different ranges, the synthetic ones are Green Bambu, Pink Bambu and Yellow Bambu.  They are also eco-friendly with their sustainable bamboo handles.

The brushes in my collection so far are, from top to bottom:

975 Mixed Powder Brush (£13.50) - I wanted a big powder brush and this pretty much fits the bill!  It is a large paddle shaped round dome, so it's good for applying a light layer of powder over the whole face. 

777  Shadow Brush (£7.50) - This is a good size for applying colour onto the eyelid and works well.

776 Blending Brush (£7.50) - This is one of the closest dupes I have to the Mac 217 brush.  It's good for applying and blending colour into the crease.

785 Tapered Blending Brush (£7.50) - Quite a cute, stumpy little brush!  This one is good for blending colour around the eyes but also for applying powder to precise areas.

You can order Bdellium Tools from Cutecosmetics who have a great selection, but their full range is on their own website here but it's American so the shipping charges will be much higher.



  1. they look really cute, almost too cute to use

  2. These sound lovely, I particularly like the sound of the tapered blending brush :) cute colours too! xx


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