Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Truth About Animal Testing

In order to mark Be Cruelty Free Week, I thought I'd share these brilliant posts from The Plastic Diaries which give a lot of information about animals (including some gory details, but nothing I've not seen before).  Also if you would like to sign the pledge to go Cruelty Free, you can find it here.

This is the first section of her post which is goes into what sort of experiments are carried out and how companies can pull the wool over consumers eyes by using certain terms.

The second part looks into the EU ban on animal testing (which had its first year anniversary on the 11th March!) and how this actually affects companies and their policies - clearing up any false ideas that the ban implies!


Photo is of Kali, our wee elderly cat who sadly passed away at the start of the month.  She was 20 - had a long and happy life!



  1. animal testing is cruel, fullstop.
    Unfortunately most pharmaceutical companies still test on rats...

    1. Oh yes, and much worse, they often use cats, dogs, rabbits and even monkeys :(

  2. I've just gone cruelty free so I've found these posts really interesting (and horrifying). I've signed the pledge :) xx

  3. nice blog really nice i like it

  4. I am so sorry for your loss!

  5. I make an effort to use only cruelty free cosmetics as it's so cruel, but these articles are right - it's so difficult to work out who is totally cruelty free and who is just being clever with their terminology!
    Jen x


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