Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit

I've decided to do a series of posts on my synthetic make up brushes organised by brand.  The first in this series is the Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit.  I got this for part of my Christmas in 2012 but I'd bought it in the Black Friday at the end of November as they did free worldwide shipping which makes all the difference.

They have updated them since and have made the ferrules silver instead of pink but this seems to be the only change.  The set costs $75 and the brushes included, from left to right, are:

E30 Pencil - This one is good for adding very precise colour to an area, in the outer corner or on the lower lash line.  Similar to the Mac 219 but not as stiff and with longer bristles.

E40 Tapered Blending - I hoped this would be comparable to the Mac 217 but unfortunately it's a a bit too wide at the top.  However it is still good for blending once colour is in place, and also good for powdering undereye concealer.

F60 Foundation - I don't tend to use these shape brushes for foundation, I prefer buffing it into the skin with a densely packed brush, so I can't really comment much on this one.

F30 Large Powder - I use this everyday for my setting powder, no complaints - works well!

F40 Large Angled Contour - I also use this everyday for blusher and I really like the shape of it, it gives a really nice effect.

E55 Eye Shading - I found this a bit short for eyeshadow to be honest but it works fine for packing on colour, could just do with being a bit longer!  I usually go for this one if my other shaders are dirty.

E65 Small Angle - I prefer using a thin pointed eyeliner brush rather than angled but it does do its job and gives a nice thin line.  Also good for using powder to fill in eyebrows.

I love that the set comes with a brush holder, it's so useful!  It is a travel case but then unfastens and turns into two separate containers.  I use one for storing face brushes and the other I use to put dirty brushes which have to be cleaned.  Then of course when travelling, it's so handy, especially for smaller brushes.

I just need to mention that my powder and contour brushes both broke shortly after I started using them - the ferrule and handle came apart!  However I emailed Sigma with photos straight away and they dealt with it quickly and efficiently, sending me out two new brushes.  The other ones are still usable and could be glued back into place but that sort of thing shouldn't happen - especially for the price of them!  Maybe that is part of why they've changed the ferrule in the new version?

Overall I really like this set, even though there are a couple I don't get much use out of they're always handy to have, and love that it comes with the holder.  They also feel really soft, not as soft as other synthetics I've got, but definitely good enough for me.



  1. This set has been on my radar for a long time - I especially love the handy case :) It's good that they've replaced the brushes - I'd be fuming if they'd fall apart that quickly.

    1. Yeah I love it! I know, hopefully they're better now!


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