Sunday, 9 February 2014

NOTD: Tippex Fingers

Since the trend of having white nails started sometime last year, I'd been tempted to try it out after deciding that it did actually look quite cool.  At first it just reminded me of painting my nails with Tippex when I was in primary school!

However I didn't get round to actually picking one up until recently.  I came across this one in the Topshop sale for £3 and it's more of an off-white which I feel is a good way to get me used to having white nails!  It's more warm and creamy so it isn't as harsh as plain white.  I think it will be good as a base for other nail polishes as well which will be handy.

This shade is called Blank but it may be discontinued seeing as it was in the reduced section.



  1. pretty nails, looks like a good canvas for some nail art

  2. The Poundland Jess white was pretty good too. Your nails are looking great!

  3. It looks really nice on your nail! :)

  4. i always painted my nails with tippex never ended well though! deffo a love to hate trend i think, love the colour of the nail polish bargain at £3 too! x

    1. No it never did, did it haha, I used to use yellow or pink highlighters on them after sometimes... so bad! Yes it was a lucky find!!

  5. It always seems to look nice on others but not me :) x


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