Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's In My Bag?

I love these kind of posts!  I am very nosy so they are right up my street.  I've been putting off doing one though because I was waiting until I got a new bag, the one I was using was quite big cos I used it for all my uni stuff so I needed A4 note pads, calculator, ruler... all that fun stuff.  However now that I won't be going back to uni I downsized and got this bag from H&M for £12.99 I think it was?

So that is it full, and below is with everything taken out!  I forgot a couple of things actually but only a pen and a lip balm so nothing too drastic!

  1. My Kindle, or a book depending on what I'm reading at the time.  I've got a couple on the go at the moment...
  2. My diary, I love writing everything down!  I have a terrible memory so this makes sure I don't forgot any plans I've made.
  3. Cath Kidson travel card case, this was more handy for when I had my 1/3 off discount and used monthly season tickets but I still keep it in my bag anyway, it looks cute!
  4. Ted Baker purse.  Orange is one of my favourite colours!  Sadly it is leather so I will probably be selling it in the next year or so but I only got it for my birthday and I love it so I'm trying to make good use of it.
  5. Car and house keys.  I like to keep them all together so that if I'm using the car then I will definitely have my house keys with me too.
  6. Wee foldy hairbrush, very handy to keep in your bag, also has a mirror on it too!
  7. My swipes and badge for work, I always have these in my bag so I don't turn up without them!
  8. This is a sort of emergency kit which I've put together and I'll show the contents of it below.
  9. My iPhone!  It also has a wee orange sock to protect it but I'm not sure where that is at the moment...
The 'emergency kit' and work swipes I keep in the flapover part of the bag, the tassles are actually attached to zips so it makes a handy extra storage area.

In my wee bag I have:

  • Hand gel
  • Bobble
  • Earphones
  • Oragel for ulcers but I use it for my wisdom teeth coming in - I highly recommend it!
  • Ibuprofen and Pro Plus
  • Eye drops
  • Contact lenses
  • Nail file
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream tinted lip stuff (not CF)
  • And half a hanky...

Finally here's a close of up of my purse and some of the cards I have in it:

  • Boots card
  • Superdrug card
  • Debenhams Beauty Club card
  • Student card
  • Drivers license
  • AA members card
  • Morrisons Miles card

Obviously I then have my debit card (I don't keep my credit card in my purse, too much temptation!) and credit card I need for staff discount but they aren't shown.  I also have a library card but I had taken it out and forgot to put it back after going to the library yesterday.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this, I really enjoyed putting it together!  Sorry, it's a bit of a long one haha!



  1. Your purse is lovely, it's a shame your selling it.


    1. I know I love it! Just cos it's leather and I'm basically vegetarian so I don't buy leather any more, but just using what I've got! Hopefully get a good amount for it :)

  2. great blogpost! love your bag :) xx

  3. your bag is so much more organised than mine, i have so much rubbish at the bottom, haha! i love my kindle, such a great travel item! x

    1. Probably cos it's still quite new lol! I'm sure the rubbish will start to build up soon :P I knoww it's just so handy!

  4. Oh, I love the tip about not keeping your credit card in your purse - I should really start doing that one! x

    1. Hahah it's dangerous! I don't even know my PIN! I just use it for online stuff :)

  5. LOL @ half a hanky!

    Despite having been veggie for a year now I still have bits of leather floating about. It can be really hard to get rid of it all. It's not like chucking/finished the last of the meat in the fridge.

    Morag x
    <a href="http://moadore.blogspot.com2></a>

    1. Hahah I know, I considered missing it out for the photo but thought ach why not :P I actually used it tonight! Very useful!

      Yeah it's really difficult, my work shoes are leather and they're sooo comfy, no way I'd bin them til they wear out - which is probably going to be quite soon admittedly lol! I sold a couple of my leather purses on ebay and got not a bad amount for them so I'm getting there haha.

  6. I love this kind of posts too! Cute bag.

  7. What a cute bag! I wish I could downsize, uni is so hard on my poor shoulders! Definitely going to remember the Oralgel recommendation, thanks for that! Loving your blog concept, yay for cruelty free!

    Ali xx

    1. Thank you! I know it can be so heavy sometimes :( Aw it's great it numbs EVERYTHING haha! Aw thank you :D

  8. These are my favourite posts!! I really want to do one but I want a new handbag first haha is that sad?

    1. Definitely not, that's what I did :D

  9. Hi, thanks for sending me your link on the bbloggers chat last night!! I'm following on Bloglovin and Hello Cotton now :)

    I love your 'in my bag' post! I'm so nosy haha


  10. I enjoyed reading this post, as I'm rather nosy lol! :)
    Just trying to catch up on your blog posts at the moment! xoxo

  11. Ahhh is that a Strathy uni card?! I go to glasgow uni but it's cool if it is a strathy card since youre the first blogger i've followed that's in glasgow lol! Sorry if this comes across as a bit creepy lol >_>

    1. Hahah ya creep! Yes it is Strathclyde, well done :D


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