Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NOTD: Jack the Lad

Cutecosmetics have currently got 25% off Butter London so obviously I had difficulty controlling myself!  I did very well though and only got two...  I went for Jack the Lad and the holographic Trustafarian.  So here I'm showing the the first one I've tried - Jack the Lad.

Jack the Lad is a dark forest green with gold, green and turquoise glitter through it.  It's a really pretty dark polish which is opaque with 2 coats although for the photos I had to use 3.  It reminds me of Wicked actually, maybe I'll wear this when I go to see it in May!

Butter London polishes are usually £12 but with 25% off they are £9 at the moment.



  1. Butter London sound such a good brand! However I only said to my sister tonight that I'm not buying any more polishes for a while...we shall see how long it lasts.

    Enjoy Wicked :D
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. They're really nice but so expensive! Hahah good luck with not buying polishes :P I think I tried and failed at that once...


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