Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Favourite Toners

I've always (read: the past 2 years since getting into skincare...) loved toner but until reading Caroline Hiron's blog post, I had no idea what exfoliating toners did and why they were important.  I'm going to share with you the two toners I am currently using and why I like them.

REN Clarifying Toning Lotion

Through Caroline I learned that using exfoliators with little beads are too harsh and abrasive on the skin so instead you should use a toner containing acids (don't freak out, nothing crazy!) as it's a much more effective as an exfoliator.  I use Ren Clarifying Toning Lotion first after cleansing using either a cotton ball or my reusable cotton pads.  I apply it all over my face but concentrate on my nose for blackheads and on my cheekbones where I have milia/milk spots.  I think that some acid toners can be a bit stingy/tingly but I've never felt anything like that using the Ren lotion thankfully.  This toner is not cheap at £18 for 150ml but it's definitely worth it as I find it works well and I've also noticed my milia coming to the surface finally!

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

Immediately after the exfoliating toner, I use Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, again, using a cotton ball or reusable cotton pad, all over my face.  I've been using Lush's Toner Waters for ages now and this one is my favourite.  I've not tried the Tea Tree one yet but I find myself reluctant to move away from Breath of Fresh Air!  It contains sea water, seaweed and aloe vera, which sounds weird but it smells so good and refreshing.  I recently used it at a charity pamper night and had lots of comments on how amazing it smells!  Previously, I had been just getting the 100g one but this time I went for the 250g as I am using it every day and I know it works for me, so may as well get go for the better value one at £7.50 instead of £3.95 for 100g.

I would like to try another exfoliating toner once I finish the Ren one, I think Pixi do one so I might try that next.  Has anyone got any cruelty free recommendations?

What is your favourite toner/s?



  1. REN is such a nice brand, I might give that a go as I'm lacking an exfoliating toner in my routine at the moment and my gosh I can tell :(
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I love using it rather than the beady scrubs!


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