Monday, 6 August 2012

NOTD: Shrek!

My nails are starting to look a wee bit better I think, yayy!!  Anyway, last night when I was meant to be studying I decided to paint my nails.  For some reason I have very few green nail varnishes, and this is one of them: Who The Shrek Are You? from the O.P.I (not cruelty free - see here) Shrek Forever After Collection.

It has definitely showed up slightly more yellow in my photos, but I have included a photo at the bottom from my phone (hence why it's teeny) to show it in direct sunlight.  This polish went on really streaky in the first coat but by the second it had leveled out nicely.  Although on my right hand it is still a bit streaky because I'm right handed and the mini O.P.I. brushes are quite tricky to work with!

I quite like this colour although I can see how it's not to everyone's taste, it does look rather bogey-ish...

I've got lots of posts lined up to do after my exams, but until then the most you'll get from me is very basic nail ones I'm afraid haha!  Roll on 16th August!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's quite unusual I think!!

  2. I love reading nail varnish posts so I'm happy with them for the time being. (:
    Great blog!


    1. Yayy! So do I haha :)

      Thank you, thanks for following me :D

  3. I'm liking it - interesting shade but doesn't look odd at all, on the nails. Nice! X

  4. This is a very unusual colour but I kinda like it!

    1. Thanks! I'll need to try and find a cruelty free replacement for when it runs out!

  5. this yellow color is awesome :)
    also your blog is amazing!!


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