Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mac Formidable! Over Black

In my last NOTD post I wore Formidable! (not CF) and because of the streaky formula I wondered how it would look over black, so here are some photos of this:

And here it is again alone on my fingers:

As you can see the colour is a lot less brown and instead more of a deep plum.  It just looks like a soft black with green shimmer in it, which I quite like!

Putting it over black definitely helps with the formula issues, although when I applied Formidable! it smudged the colour underneath slightly even though it had been dry for ages!  I find it quite surprising how different they look actually.



  1. I just had a wee nosy down at your last post using this colour and I agree they look better over black :) I only ever buy Barry M or Models Own because I know they are good products - don't like skimping on my nail care haha.

    Morag x

    1. It does, I think it would look better alone if the formula wasn't so streaky. Haha I know, this one would be have been like £10 :O jeeeez!


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