Sunday, 26 August 2012

Real Techniques Starter Set Review

I've been meaning to do this post for ages but with having exams I've not had the chance to try them all out properly!

Going from left to right:

Deluxe Crease Brush
I started off using this for eyeshadow but then I realised that it's the amazing under-eye concealer brush that they (Nic, Sam and Tanya) all use in their videos!  So I now use it for under-eye concealer.  It works really well for most concealers I've used with it - Mac Studio Finish and Bourjois Healthy Mix.  I also use it to dab any imperfections.

I'm not sure how well it would work as an eyeshadow brush to be honest.  I guess it would be okay for a bit of crease blending but it's really quite thick and dense so it definitely wouldn't be the best brush for the job!

Base Shadow Brush 
This brush is the reason I got the whole set to be perfectly honest!  I am in dire need of a synthetic Mac 217 brush and this is quite close to it!  I am going to do a separate post where I compare the two later on.  It's perfect for applying a base shadow (as the name implies!) all over the lid but the tapered end make it great for applying colour and blending in the crease too which is what I mainly use it for.

Accent Brush
I've not used this brush particularly much but I found it best for applying colour onto the lower lashline as it is so tiny and precise.  I think I just forget I have it because it's so small and I don't see it in my brush stand!

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush 
Pixel-point? Hmm... I think not!  Out of all the brushes I'd say this is the most disappointing.  It makes such a thick line that I only use it when I just plan on wearing eyeliner as I'd be too scared to use it after applying my eyeshadow nicely in case I drew a massive line along my whole eyelid and ruined it all!

Brow Brush
I use this brush pretty much every day now!  If I am using my ELF Brow Box which I use most days then I apply it with this brush, the bristles are nice and firm.  At first I thought it was too big as the brush I had been using was really quite small (see below) but after a few days I found myself automatically reaching for the RT one instead.  It means you cover a larger area a lot quicker, however my eyebrows are quite big so if you have smallish ones then you'd just need to be more careful with the application as it might be too big for you.

Comparison of RT Brow Brush and generic angled brush I used previously for eyebrows

The Real Techniques Starter Set costs £21.99 from Boots, and £20.99 from Love Make Up



  1. I felt the same about the eyeliner brush, way to thick for me on a daily basis, but if I do want a think line I use it, it's good if your using a blended shadow as eyeliner though!

    1. Ohh not tried that, will bear that in mind!

  2. This is a great review - I've been looking at this brush set for so long now and I couldn't decide if I wanted it enough or not but now I really do! Thank you for such a lovely review!

    Helen xxx

  3. Love Real Techniques brushes, they're such good value for money. Lovely blog x

  4. I actually just picked up two RT brushes this weekend & I am already in love with them! Great review. Looks like a good kit to pick up. Boots have buy 1 get 1 half price on RT brushes at the moment as well --- including the kits!

    1. I love them :D Aww that's a really good deal :O tempting haha!

  5. I just bought these today - so excited to try them out! Will skip the first one and keep it for concealor, means I can keep the small concealor brush from the core collection as my new lip brush, which I am in desperate need of!

    1. Ahhh yes I use that for lips too, it's great! :)

  6. Nice review... Here's my review of this set. :)


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