Monday, 12 August 2013

Holiday OOTDs

If you follow me on Twitter (@LooweezBx) you will probably know that I've been at Lake Como in Italy for a week.  While away I decided to take some photos of my outfits so I could compile a post of what I wore when I got back.  The lighting in all the photos is terrible!  My room was horrendous and it didn't actual have a window to the outside - it faced into the atrium, so I never had any natural light in my room...  Fortunately food in the hotel was really good!  The only plus part about my room was that I was on the first floor above the free wifi area so I would be able to get wifi in my room 90% of the time, yayy!!

The gold band on my wrist is because we were all inclusive which was pretty good for having drinks.  It was so annoying having to wear it all week but fortunately I have weird hands so I could slip it off every night before bed.  Onto the photos: we arrived on Saturday lunchtime so the first photo is what I wore after getting changed when we got there.

After having lunch we got settled in and then went for a wander around the small town of Cadenabbia.

Evening: Dress - Therapy

We had a meeting with our rep at 9.15am to talk us through all the trips, things to do in the area, and all the ferries and boats that are available.  After lunch we went into the next town of Tremezzo to the Villa Carlotta which is a big house with botanical gardens.

Day: Top - H&M; Shorts - Zara sale
Evening: Jumpsuit - New Look

On Monday we had our only excursion so it was a 6.30am start - awful!  The trip was to St Moritz in Switzerland which is only a few hours away.  On the way we used a mountain railway which showed off all the amazing views and even a glacier at the top of the mountain.  St Moritz was lovely, very expensive!  I only went into one shop - the chocolatier!  It was amazing, they had big slabs of chocolate with various different things added and you would buy a piece by weight.  I got white chocolate with raspberries and blackberries, it was so good!

Day: Top - F21; Skirt - Zara sale
Evening: Top - F21; Skirt - H&M

We had a relaxing day starting off at the Lido (outdoor pool) for some sunbathing and then a wee swim in the lake.  After lunch we took the free boat provided by the hotel to the town across from us, Bellagio.

Day: Top - Vero Moda; Shorts - Primark
Evening: Dress - H&M

There was central lake ticket for the ferries which was 15€ and allowed you unlimited access for a whole day so we visited as many towns as we could!  We went from Bellagio to Verenna, to Menaggio then to Lenno, and finally back home.  After dinner we went back over to Bellagio for drinks to take advantage of our all day tickets!

Day: Top - New Look; Shorts - Matalan
Evening: Top - New Look; Trousers - Primark

 Shoes: Wedges - New Look
Nail Varnish: Hedonist - Models Own

We got the bus down to the big town (city?!) of Como, I didn't really like the look of it as we drove through but the city centre was quite nice and had lots of expensive shops - further out it looked a bit run down.  It started pouring and then turned into a thunderstorm so we took refuge in a cafe until the rain went off!  Then we took the funicular up the hillside and found this strange little town up there, we were expecting a viewing platform and a cafe haha! 

Day: Top - F21; Shorts - Primark
Evening: Dress - Therapy

We just had another sort of relaxing day.  Spent the morning at the Lido but it was quite cloudy, then got the free boat over to Bellagio to look round the gardens at Villa Meltzi.  We got back by about 5ish so went back to the Lido for another couple of hours to enjoy the last of the sun before we had to leave the next morning!

Day: Top - New Look; Shorts - Zara sale
Evening: I forgot a photo! I wore the blouse in second photo with the aztec shorts from this post.



  1. Oh I love the Tuesday evening dress. I'm so jealous of your holiday, I've always wanted to go to Italy.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Thanks! I do enjoy it, although noticed in that photo it looks like I literally have no boobs haha! Italy is so nice, I've been twice and would definitely keep going back!

  2. You look gorgeous in a jumpsuit and maxi dress! x

  3. i love the evening dress from h&m, the print is so beautiful! :)

    from isabela at | bloglovin

    1. Lovely print isn't it! They had a few things like it a year or so ago :)

  4. I love the first dress, the H&M dress and the Matalan shorts! And the New Look wedges are so cute.

    1. I love the shorts too! I rarely go into Matalan and was so excited to find them! There was a belt at some point too but I've misplaced it...

  5. I really like the Tuesday and Friday outfits! xx

  6. love the first dress soo cute!

    Lonneke X


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