Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Small Earring Haul!

I said I wasn’t going to blog over the weekend, but here’s just a wee quick one!

I got a £15 voucher for Warehouse for my Christmas but it’s really not a shop I use… ever!  So I’ve been trying get rid of it for ages but to no avail.  I was near one yesterday and had a look, all the clothes were too expensive - I am so poor right now so couldn’t afford to go over the 15 by much!  I just ended up getting 3 pairs of earrings which isn’t too bad for free basically, they are quite pretty :)



  1. Stars are my favourite ones, all very simple but chic studs though :) I always lose studs though, too clumsy haha. Sam xx

    1. Yes! Aw no haha! I have quite a lot of huuuge earrings so thought this would be a nice change :) thanks for your comment!


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