Thursday, 5 April 2012

Playing with my nail wheel...

Seriously such a fun purchase!  I am completely abusing them, layer over layer of nail varnish!  But hey, that's what they're for isn't it?!  Be warned: this is going to be very photo heavy...

It all began after wearing Not Like The Movies, I wondered what it would look like over black.  I will just say this now, please excuse the macro cat hairs in some of these photos, it's so gross!!! But that's what happens when you have cats - hairs everywhere!

This is one coat of Not Like The Movies over one coat of black:

I think it's rather nice!  It gives it a totally different look, much more edgy.

Then, I was wearing Luxe Lavender (Avon - not CF), and wondered what it would look like with Last Friday Night over the top, but I didn't want to put it over my newly done nails in case it was ugly!  I added LL to my nail wheel and applied Last Friday Night on top.  It was beside two other blue colours so I decided to give them a wee go too!  Here are how they turned out:

On the left is O.P.I. Russian Navy - I love this combination! - then the middle one is Barry M Navy (they may look familiar from my 8 favourite nail varnish swatches post!).

Also I wondered what Last Friday Night would look like by itself - meh!  It doesn't actually look too bad there, I think that is 3 coats, but I don't think it would look good on a bare nail.

While I was at it, I put one coat of Teenage Dream over Barry M Raspberry, it's quite pretty! Again using the colours from the previous post!

I am so proud of this one!  How lovely does it look!?  I used the majority of my cream finishes, by various different companies, and made a little colour chart thing!  If you want to know the names of any of these ones just let me know and I can find out for you.

There are a few other colour combinations I want to try out, especially after my wee haul, but I will leave it here for now and do another one later on!  Hope you've enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures/HD cat hairs...



  1. Ive gotta get some of these I hate trying something on my nails then hating it and having to take it all off and start over also when doing nail art I find it really hard doing my right hand as im right handed but with one of these I could stick false nails to the wheel paint my design on and then stick them on x

    1. Yeah! They are seriously so amazing, and only cost like... £1.79 I think it was - and that was including delivery from Hong Kong or wherever!

      That's a good idea! I am going to practice doing designs on them as I've never tried it before so I will probably be useless to start with!

  2. OMG! You have a Great talent. Well Nail designing is the latest craze among girls at the moment. Am I right dear.
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