Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh O.P.I.!

I don't actually own a lot of O.P.I. nail varnishes - my whole collection can be seen below! - but I constantly look at swatches and lust over them...  However, I found out a few months ago that they are owned by Coty and realised I would have to stop buying from them!  I emailed O.P.I. a couple weeks ago in the hope that maybe they were independent from Coty and that I could continue to buy from them.  I sent them a variation of my template email, saying that I knew Coty were not a cruelty free company but were O.P.I. independent, and this is the reply I got:
Our products are not tested on animals at all, you can also view our MSDS sheets on our website, this will give you a breakdown of the ingredients we have in our products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
I contacted them again to ask about suppliers/ingredients (even though this is covered in the first email I sent) and got no reply...  So I will take this as a 'no, they are not cruelty free' and will stop purchasing from them.  This makes me rather sad :( If anyone else has had anymore luck with them then please let me know!



  1. ohhhh no :( I love OPI.definitely going to feel too guilty To buy their products now I know this!xx


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