Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Origins VitaZing Vs. Soap & Glory Glow Job

Origins VitaZing is my staple daily item, I use it every morning before putting on my make up.  This is good for me as I am terrible as routines!!  However due to Origins' parent company Estée Lauder recently being put in the spotlight for either lying about animal testing, or starting it up again (I'm not sure of the details), I have been on the hunt for an alternative!

I really did not expect to find one at all to be honest, never mind one which is so similar!  I saw it mentioned on Behind These Closed Eyes' blog, and knew I had to go out and try this ASAP!  The product is Glow Job (oooh err!) by Soap & Glory.

Price:  VitaZing comes in at £26, however I used to buy it with my staff discount so got it for £22.10 (it used to be £25, and my staff discount used to be 20% so would get it for £20, booo!) and Glow Job is £9.

Application:  You only need a pea sized amount for both of these creams, any more than that and you can end up with streaky and uneven coverage.  VitaZing is easier to apply in that you just rub it into you skin and it changes colour - actual voodoo magic - whereas Glow Job contains bronzing balls which burst to release colour.  So for this one you need to apply it to your fingers then rub them together to burst all the balls (lol...) and mix in the bronzeness before putting it onto your face.  You do not want to just rub this straight on, you will end up with the beads bursting all over the place and it will be hard to make it even after that!

Appearance/Scent:  VitaZing is a beigey colour with tiny dark specks, and Glow Job is just pale white colour until the beads are burst and mixed in when it turns to a more golden tan colour.  Personally I prefer the smell of VitaZing, it is a fresher fruity smell where as Glow Job is sweeter, reminds me of something but I can't quite think what...

Packaging:  I prefer VitaZing's packaging for this one as it's a flip lid so much easier when you're in a rush in the morning!  Glow Job is just a twist on lid which can be awkward at times.  However, every morning when I go to use it VitaZing has a gooey, congealed bit at the nozzle which I need to wipe off before using which is really annoying! I'm sure this isn't really to do with packaging but just thought I'd throw it in there!

So here are some really awkward pictures of my face!

Without any face make up on

Wearing Origins VitaZing Moisturiser

Wearing Soap & Glory Glow Job
And my overall thoughts on them both...

VitaZing:  I prefer the application and smell of this but it is no longer cruelty free in my eyes and also has quite a hefty price tag!

Glow Job:  Love the price, it's also more accessible as it's available from Boots rather than an Origins counter.  It does have a more greasy feel to the cream which sank into my face however it left more of a residue on my hands.  It also doesn't contain SPF which is a bit annoying, however it means you can wear it for occasions where there will be photos taken and it won't make your face look shiny!

So to be honest I'd say they are quite interchangeable!  Except Glow Job is almost a 3rd of the price and it is most importantly cruelty free!



  1. Eeek, I hadn't heard that about Origins/Estee Lauder! That sucks :(
    But the soap and glory product looks like a good exchange!
    www.emmerliejay.co.uk x

    1. I knowwww :(

      Yes, and cheaper too so not too bad I guess :)

  2. I've heard good things about the soap and glory one - I'll have to check it out!

  3. The soap and glory tinted mosturizer looks really good on you :) but is it for only a certain type of skin colour or all types ? X

    1. Thanks! It doesn't specify but I'd say it would best be used for light to medium skin tones and isn't suitable if your skin is quite oily!

  4. Origins emphatically & adamantly does not test on animals according to its website & cruelty-free lists, despite being owned by Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder has reverted to animal cruelty due to pressure from Chinese government since the law requires animals to be tested before any product is sold to its citizens. The U.S. requires drugs to be tested on animals too, so hopefully you don't take medicine.

  5. Anna I think you will find that Origins do not emphatically deny they test on animals. They state that they do not test on animals...unless required to do so by law. There is no law in the UK or the USA which insists that cosmetics must be tested on animals, however in China all cosmetics must be tested on animals.

    Brands that are truly cruelty free refuse to sell their products in China because of this law. Origins products are sold in China, therefore they are tested on animals. Making money from the Chinese market is more important to them than saving the lives of defenseless animals.

    As for your comment regarding medicine, you are rather missing the point. It is very different to test a cure for cancer on animals than it is a mascara. Mascara does not save lives. Animals should not suffer purely for our vanity.

    What's more, in the UK (where Louise is from, not the US) all meds must be tested on animals by law making animal tested meds unavoidable, at least for the time being. This, however, is not the case with cosmetics. There are hundreds of brands who never test on animals so consumers are able to make a choice to only buy from those brands.

    You should maybe get yourself better informed before spouting nonsense on a cruelty free website. Louise knows her stuff.

  6. Thank you Lisa, couldn't have said it better myself :)


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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