Tuesday, 18 September 2012

College #1: Bridal

As you probably know I started a Fashion Make Up course a few weeks ago and I thought it would be quite fun to catalogue the things I do and add to my blog!  We have started very basic which I am so grateful for!  Although I would say I am quite good at eye make up, I don't know all that much about foundations as I don't really wear them much.

So first we started with basic make up, which is just a flawless base, with a wash of colour on the lips and darker shadow pushed into the lashline, blusher and some lipgloss.  Now we've moved onto bridal!

I took some pictures of my model - at the moment we pair up and do each other's make up to practice - at different stages.  Unfortunately the lighting isn't the best so apologies for that!  Claire also had sunburn on her nose and it was peeling so I just avoided her entire nose which looks a bit weird but never mind!  Also apparently we look alike, what do you think???

'Flawless' Base

At this stage I had only applied foundation and concealer.  Claire's skin is combination/oily so I used an oil-free foundation.  Her undereyes weren't particularly dark to begin with so I didn't need to use any corrective products, I just used a concealer which was the same colour as the foundation.


This is the finished bridal make up (click to see close up).  I actually totally forgot to put mascara on, I'd tinted her eyelashes a couple of weeks ago and they are still black so you can't really tell...

Face Chart

This was the first time I'd made a face chart so it was a bit weird!  Normally you are supposed to prepare these before you do the model's make up, but yesterday we just filled it in as we went along.

Hopefully I will do lots more of these, and they'll get a lot more interesting!



  1. Hey sounds good are you studying the make up course part time?

    1. Yeh :) full time but it's only 2 days a week, but I need to come in for an extra half day to do hairdressing as I've never done that before!


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