Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wild Soap and Body Butter Review

I had never heard of Wild until they were introduced to me through We Write Beauty and I was immediately interested in trying them out:
Our aim is to provide British women an exotic choice of ethical, natural and organic beauty products without preaching to them or compromising on glamourous appeal. The packaging is as vibrant, rich and colour as the African continent itself and reflect perfectly the ongoing fascination with prints in today's fashion environment.
What makes them stand out from other body care brands is that they use unique oils and plant extracts from Africa, which are all Fair Trade and help to build a sustainable future for the locals.

They have 5 different scent combinations which come in both soap and body butter form, all of which contain various oils or extracts such as baobab, cape chestnut and marula.

An important point to make is that all of Wild's products are SLS and paraben free which is fantastic, and suitable for vegans!

The ones I have tried and will review are the Warm Sensual Body Butter and the Zingy Soap.

Warm Sensual Body Butter with Shea and Baobab 

First thing to say is that I love their packaging!  The bright colours and African influence is so eye catching and gorgeous!

Secondly, I am really not the best person to review something like this... I am a lover of make up but skin and body care I am not so good with sadly!  However, I will give you the best review I can :)

The main problem is that the only time I moisturise my body is after epilating/shaving/waxing which I actually don't do very often (I'm really selling myself here aren't I?!).  I have blonde body hair so unless I am getting my legs out for a special occasion (night out, birthday, holidays, etc.) I tend not to bother hair removing that area.  Nevertheless, I recently used a sugaring technique by MOOM (review will be coming soon!) which left my legs a bit red and dotty after having the hair ripped out of them so I applied my Wild body butter.  I expected it to sting a bit - probably cos I'm so used to using those cheapy moisturisers you get out of bath sets or with perfumes - but it was very soothing and didn't sting at all.  It sank in nicely and didn't leave my legs feeling sticky or greasy which is always good.

I also applied it generously on my feet and put on moisturising socks (any cotton socks will do!) before going to bed and it made my feet feel so smooth the next day.

It has a really unusual scent too, not a bad one, but kind of spicy!  On reading the back of the pot I saw that it contains Cardamom, which totally explains the spiciness!  I also noticed that a small bit of the body butter goes a long way.

This particular body butter costs £16.75 which is quite expensive in my books, however you do get 170ml which is a lot of product!  It is the most expensive in the range, the other 'flavours' come in at £15.50.

Personally I would not buy this myself just because I never actually buy body moisturisers anyway, I just use ones I get given!  But if you are looking out for a new one and you do buy them yourself and fancy a splurge then I recommend trying one of these out!

Zingy Soap with Kalahari Watermelon

Again, love the packaging - very eco-friendly too, the sleeve is made of card. 

This bar of soap is huge!  I cut mine into thirds to use it as I find it much easier to handle, and less messy in the shower.  It also means you don't need to use the whole bar in one go (not one shower obviously...) so you can switch between it and other ones making it last for ages.

The bar of soap costs £6.25 for 200g which I think is really great value especially when you compare it to Lush soaps (which more often than not contain SLS).

Unfortunately the scent of this one I didn't love, it is very citrusy with grapefruit, lime, mandarin and basil but I found that it wasn't all that strong and the natural scent of the soap was coming through.  If you have followed me for a while you will know that I'm not a huge fan of citrus scents anyway!  I found that as the soap piece got smaller it smelled stronger, and it smelled really quite good actually so maybe the mixture just needed a better stir...  hmm!

It lathered really nicely especially without SLS which is the foaming agent in most soaps and other things which need to lather.  It actually contains coconut which helps to create the foam.

As I said before, I've only taken a third of the bar in the shower with me and it lasted ages which is great, it's the worst when you get a lovely new soap and it dissolves after a couple of showers!  It's hard to gauge but I'd say it would last at least a week... So the whole bar would last roughly about a month, if not more??  Depends how often you wash ;) I keep mine in a soap tray which I take out of the shower when I'm not using it, I find this helps make soaps last longer.

Personally I think that it could do with being more moisturising, it's definitely not a drying product whatsoever, but I feel like I have used soaps which have left my skin feeling super soft and this one doesn't which disappoints me a bit!

Unlike the body butter I would definitely buy another of the soaps, I think the price is very reasonable and I'd like to try out more of them!

I'm looking forward to buying some of the other soaps to try and I will definitely do mini-reviews of them on here when I do.


If you order both a body butter and soap it comes in a bag which is made of African fabric!  I think that is such a nice idea and it would be a fantastic gift for someone.

You can find these products at so feel free to check them out and see if any of the items take your fancy!

These items were sent to me free of charge to try out, this has not affected my review in any way and I have been 100% honest in my opinion as I would with any other product.



  1. I've tried the body butter & reviewed on my blog, it's a great cream shea butter is amazing in my book for dry skin. The fragrance is a bit unusual for my own taste and that tub lasts for a very long time

    1. Ohh really? I'll go and have a look at your review :) yeah it looks like it'll last ages!

  2. I love the look of the Body Butter, I'm a self confessed Body Butter junkie though haha!

    Quick comment as my cat is pawing at my hands on the keyboard as he wants some attention!

    Great review, I love the packaging too :)

    Amy xx

    1. Aw I wish I was, I'm sure my skin would thank me haha!

      Hahah bless, how cute!

  3. This is brand I also hadn't heard of until right now. I love body moisturiser and use it daily but my skin is naturally fairly soft so I don't need anything really moisturising so drug store usually works pretty well. I just want to make my skin extra extra baby baby soft!

    Morag x

    1. Yeah i think my skin is quite naturally soft so I just don't bother with it haha...

  4. Great review! I love body butters & keep them in the bathroom so I remember to use it when I come out the shower! :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm just super lazy and sit in my towel for ages :P


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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