Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eight Most Worn Things Tag

I am very much into my tag posts recently!  Here is another one :)


I guess this is technically neither lipstick or lipgloss...  However it is my most worn lip product so I reckon it still counts!  This is ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint SPF 8 in Berry.  You can see a full review for it here.  I tend to have this in my bag and it's easy to just slap on without worrying about it too much because the colour is quite subtle.  I also bought this in Pink Pop which I haven't actually tried yet but a post involving that will be coming up soon!


My ex bought me these earrings as a present from his holiday I think it was?  They are just so pretty and perfect for everyday, adds a subtle bit of sparkle!


I would probably say this Primark blouse is my most worn top!  It's so versatile and goes with basically everything, especially because of the colour!  It cost £10 and it washes up great, I got a size 6 as it is really big made and I didn't want it too loose.  I have also bought this in orange (of course) but it's definitely not as easy to match up with things.

Nail Polish
Glittery pink one in the centre
My camera can't cope with the glitter and holos :(

This category was ridiculously hard!  It's not even accurate because I own so many nail varnishes it takes a while for me to go back to a specific one.  I usually want one wear one I've just bought!  However, I've worn this twice on my toes and once on my fingers so I am choosing Prize by Nubar!  It is a stunning scattered holo pink.  Prize is from the Prisms collection and I would really like another one from the set.  To see swatches of all the polishes from the Prisms collection, and better photos then I have, click here as I have found a great post on them from VampyVarnish.  I got this from amazon a couple of years ago.


This one is so boring!  These are just a pair of very plain black pumps with bows from Primark!  They are so comfy and go with everything so I wear them constantly.  I think they were about £8, maybe slightly less?

Hair Product
I'm such a fail, I literally never put anything on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner!  Very occasionally hairspray or heat protector but the majority of the time I let it dry naturally and don't style it... Does my hairbrush count?!


I do actually have post on my favourite perfume and the difficulties I had tracking it down which you can find here, but for this post I have chosen White Musk as it is cruelty free and easy to get your hands on!  I am on the look out for some new perfumes, this is the only cruelty free one I own and when all my others run out I will be scunnered!  This is my second bottle - I wish they did 50 or 100ml bottles - and because it's eau de parfum it's lasted me quite a long time.


This is the bag I am currently using, if you want to see what's in it then click here.  I do use my old bag for college now though as I need to take folders in but as I'm not in all that much I stick with this one most of the time.



  1. LOVE Nubar Prize.. It's been on my want list for ages, maybe I should just order it.. hmm. x

  2. Love the ELF lip tint, that Berry colour is gorgeous - will have to add one to my basket next time I place an order! Mary x


  3. This is a great tag! I love the earrings.

  4. The top is so cute and I absolutely love the Nubar nail polish xx

  5. Love the earrings and the Body Shop perfume! Cruelty free perfume isn't easy to find at all, so that one's a keeper!

    1. Thanks, love them :D arghh I know! I hope I don't ever go off it lol!

  6. I love tag posts as well! Nail polish is a hard one - I am the same as you always wanting to wear the one I just bought! Loving Topshop nail polish at the moment :)

    1. It really is haha :( ohh i've not tried any of them yet, the Louise Gray Hat Trick one looks amazing!

  7. I just nominated you for the Liebster blog award in my last post :) hope you check it out soon! xxx

  8. Loveee tag posts :) I've been wanting to do this tag for the longest time :)

    Just stumbled across your blog through #bbloggers & twitter :) and i'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by and take a wander through mine too :)



    1. You should!

      Aww yayy thanks :) I will do!


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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