Sunday, 30 November 2014

Household Empties

I'm not sure whether to make a series out of this style post but just wanted to test the water with it!  I thought it would be quite interesting to do some mini reviews of household items.  Now that I have moved out I can make sure all the products I buy are cruelty free and I'm enjoying trying out lots of brands that are available!  Let me know you found it helpful and would like to see more of this post!

Co-Op Biological Concentrated Laundry Liquid 
Thoughts: I bought this before moving down along with fabric softener.  If I'm being honest, I really don't know anything about laundry liquid, no idea what bio/non-bio means?!  I'm clueless!!  But anyway, this cleaned my clothes fine, I can't complain!  I didn't repurchase but only because I do my weekly shop at Morrisons which is now BUAV Approved so I can get these sort of products from there now instead.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: Probably not.

Astonish Washup Aloe & Water Lily/Mango & Freesia (not pictured)
Thoughts: I managed to pick up two of these in Asda for £1 each which I thought was pretty good as they are really big bottles.  I used the Mango & Freesia one first but I really didn't like the smell, it was a bit sickly!  The Aloe & Water Lily was much better and I'd happily use this one again.  It creates good bubbles which is helpful!  See the range here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: Yes, the Aloe & Water Lily one!

Greenfrog Natural Washing Up Liquid
Thoughts: I got this in one of the first The Vegan Kind boxes.  It's made using soapnuts which are natural alternative to the likes of SLS/SLES.  I wanted to like this but I didn't find it worked very well for me.  Minimal bubbles and I didn't like the smell, it was a bit odd!  I didn't feel like it cleaned as well as other washing up liquids which is a shame!  Website here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: No.

Morrisons Vitamins: Vitamin C & Multivitamin
Thoughts: I'm a big fan of vitamins and have been taking them since about 3rd year in school for various reasons.  My dad got me into vitamin C as he started taking it and said since taking it he hadn't really had any bad colds.  I found the same worked for me, although I still get a cold every so often, it's much milder than before I started taking them.  I'd been taking the multivitamins for ages for the iron, however I realised recently that they don't even contain iron!  I think I am slightly anaemic - even before I went vegetarian before I get any comments on that! - so without iron I feel quite sluggish and can get really dizzy if doing exercise. 
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: Vitamin C yes, Multivitamins no, but I've bought some iron ones instead!

Superdrug Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste
Thoughts: Sometimes whitening toothpastes can taste a bit funny but this one was fine.  I'm not sure it made my teeth noticeably whiter but I like to use one every so often to help with staining - I drink a lot of Irn Bru so I'm a bit scared of my teeth going orange ha!  2 for £1.50 here.
Cruelty-free?: Yes.
Repurchase?: Yes.


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  1. I've only done one of these kind of posts....but my mum bought me loads of stuff when I was up in Aberdeen and I've even taken the photos ready for the posts. I'd love to see how you get on with other products!

    Morag x


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