Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Brush Guard

I have had a set of Brush Guards for years now and they fantastic so I thought I would share them with you!

I first got my set from Coastal Scents when I was making a purchase (a blush palette I think!) and just decided to add a set of The Brush Guards in out of curiosity, and I'm so glad I did!

The set I have is the blush pack and which includes 8 small guards, and I think it came to just over £5 once it had been converted from dollars.  I decided to get this size as the eyeshadow/liner set looked really small and I'm pleased with my choice.  The blush pack is perfect for all my eyeshadow brushes, the extra small (eyeshadow/liner) would definitely have been far too small.

I use these every time I wash my brushes.  To put the guards on you push them over the brushes from the handle end up until all the bristles are covered - make sure you don't push it back down the way again as you can damage the hairs.  Then I place them all on a towel in the bath, with part of the towel folded under itself so the ends of the brushes are elevated (pictured below).  I do this so that any excess water will run down and out, it helps with drainage and avoids water getting inside the barrel which can loosen over time and you can end with your brush in two pieces!

Another way I used a brush guard once was when I was in a rush and my Mac 217 brush was dirty, so I washed it then put a guard over it and dried it with a hairdryer on low.  However be very careful if you want to do attempt this!  Only use it for natural hair brushes and do not use a hot setting as you could melt the guard and ruin it and your brush!

The Brush Guards are also handy for keeping your brushes neat and tidy while travelling but personally I've never used them for this purpose.

You can buy them in five different packs, xsmall (eyeshadow/liner), small (blush), medium (foundation), large (powder/kabuki) and a mixed set with at least one of each.  The cost and amount you get in each pack varies depending on where you buy them.  You can get them from various sites including Love Make Up (they only have blush pack in stock at the moment), from their own website, Amazon and Coastal Scents.

Overall The Brush Guards are a great investment and I highly recommend them - at only £5 and they will basically last you forever!



  1. These look great, I really should get myself some x

  2. These definitely look useful..and great value for money too! Lovely blog you have here :) x

    1. I know they really are! Aw thank you :D

  3. I never even thought to use something like this but it makes sense really to protect them, and especially if you wash your brushes regularly there is nothing more frustrating then loosening the glue in the handle ugh! :( I think I might have to invest hehe xx

    1. Aw I know it's heartbreaking when the top comes off!!!

  4. these look great, i need to do some brush cleaning, you've reminded me!


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