Monday, 8 October 2012

My First Prescription Sunglasses!

I was contacted by Firmoo who offered me a pair of sunglasses to review on here.  I would probably have declined except that you could choose for them to be prescription!  This really excited me as I am short-sighted so I wear glasses and contacts, but something I've never had are prescription sunglasses - mainly because of how expensive they are.  Driving can be a nightmare if I have I don't have contacts and and the sun is in my eyes, I've been known to wedge my sunglasses over my normal glasses... really attractive!  At this time of the year although it's not warm but when the sun comes out it's very low in the sky, so these are going to be very handy.

Firmoo are an online optical store, they sell loads of different glasses/frames along with sunglasses, at very affordable prices.  There are 20 different styles of sunglasses, most of which offering a range of colours, prices starting at $40.  However they are doing an offer at the moment where you can get a free pair of glasses - click here to find out more!

Anywayy, onto my pair!  They took quite a while to come but it didn't occur to me 'til later that they actually had to make them to my prescription haha, silly!  I was quite worried that they wouldn't suit me, which is one of the issues with buying glasses/sunglasses online, I have quite a narrow face so some frames just looks ridiculous!  However I am so pleased with them, the fact I can actually see through them is amazing too!

They arrived with a plastic case, a mini screwdriver and extra screws (very handy!) and also a soft material case.  I think the two different cases are a nice touch, the plastic one is really big but will obviously offer more protection, so both good for different occasions.

They are very lightweight, which I'd say is a both a positive and a negative.  It's great because they're really comfy but I would be quite worried about how durable they would be if for example you sat on them!  However, saying that, I've been playing around with them and they seem surprisingly sturdy.

Let's have a look at some obnoxious bathroom pics (with greasy hair mmm)....

I love the wee detail at the side!  This pair also came in black, but I definitely prefer the brown I think because I'm generally light toned (skin, hair etc.) I wouldn't suit much darker.

Also the lipstick I'm wearing in the photos is Topshop's Infrared :)

I've tried to cover all aspects but if there's anything else or if you have any questions just let me know!



  1. These look really nice! They suit you :)
    Great review and I'm glad you were happy with them when they arrived, woop!

    Amy xx


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