Thursday, 4 October 2012

Louise Loves #2

Here are some things I've been loving this week...

Bdellium Tools Vegan Tapered Blending Brush

I bought this for my kit as I needed a blending brush, it only arrived on Monday and I love it already -  I've only used it once!  Great CF/vegan dupe for Mac 217 albeit slightly more tapered but does pretty much the same job.  I also love how it's green, makes it stand out from all my others!  I would really like to try out more of their brushes.
[£7.50 from cutECOsmetics]

Busy Bee Candles - Crisp Red Apple

This photo is from before I lit it obviously...  I have been using this one more than my Yankees!  I love apple scents and this is no exception.  I also have the Watermelon Explosion one but saving that for later!  I am going to do a full review once I've used it for a bit longer.  Also I'd like to point out that this company uses soy wax so I'm pretty sure they would be vegan friendly, although double check about specific candles before you take my word for it!
[Small candle £7.95 from Busy Bee Candles]

Downton Abbey

I've been meaning to catch up on this for ages, a lot of my friends watch it and always get a bit obsessed.  So when it came up on Lovefilm Instant and I decided to take the plunge and start watching. I'm now halfway through the second series and really enjoying it!  Maggie Smith is hilarious as Granny (Dowager Countess)!



  1. I've been meaning to buy some make-up brushes for years but I'm still using my fingers! So thank you for your recommendation and hopefully I'll make some decisions by the end of the year!

    Morag x

    1. Hahaha!! Oh dear, yes I hope so :P

  2. aw that's great that you got some good cruelty free brushes!! xx

  3. The brush looks great even better that its cruelty free! x

  4. the brush looks amazing! also the candle! :) So I must start watching this show :)
    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

  5. I so need to get some new cruelty-free brushes! I think I found some at Superdrug actually - mine are so old, it's disgusting...

    1. Aww haha! You should do a blog post when you get some!


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