Saturday, 13 October 2012

Easy Updo Tutorial: Bridal

This updo is slightly more difficult than the other two I have blogged about but still quite simple.  This was my first attempt alone and I am useless with hair!!  It is more of a formal do and I used it in my bridal shoot, it is really pretty if you have little flowers, clips or a tiara to sit just in front of the sticky-up-bit (technical term).

Spot Tia!

  1. Put the hair into a ponytail towards the back of the head, in the crown region.
  2. Section the hair and backcomb it, repeat until the whole ponytail is backcombed.
  3. Smooth over the top section of the backcombed hair, but make sure to keep the texture underneath.
  4. Flip the hair over and pin around where the bobble is using kirbies.  Make sure you overlap the kirbies so they are really secure.
  5. Gently bring the hair back over again, roll the ends and pin them under.  You can just use the pointed end of the tailcomb or your fingers to shape the hair and try to make it even.

As you can see mine is rather squint from the front but looks quite good from other angles haha!



  1. ooh I really like this updo :)

  2. this is really nice might try this:) x

  3. This is really pretty! Loving all the hair dos you are coming up with! Xx

    1. Thank you! Hahah all my wonderful auntie teaching me!!

  4. thats a gorgeous up do, it seems really easy to do too! xo

  5. Love this! I want a sally doll to practice hair on! X

  6. Always wanted to know how to do this, how inspiring. The use of the model head is such a good idea. I really want a model head now haha.

    Lovely blog, cute spotted background!
    Now following.

    Anna x

    1. Aw I'm glad to have helped! She's so handy, although keeping in my bedroom does creep me out every now and then when I think she's an actual person...

      Thank you! :)


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