Monday, 2 February 2015

Bath Products Stash & Storage

Over Christmas I accumulated quite a lot of bath and body products so now that I am back down in my flat I thought I would sort them all out nicely!  To start with I have organised my bath bombs/melts by taking all the Lush items out of their paper bags and wrapped them in cling film so that I can see what everything is quickly.  If you have quite a few and want to keep track of what they are, you could write their names on the sling film using a Sharpie or permanent marker.

These are stored in a big toiletries bag I got from Primark really cheaply!  I keep it on wooden shelves in my bathroom, which you can see in my 'What's In My Shower?' post.


Clockwise top to bottom: Tisty Tosty, So White, Mrs Frosty (So White, Butterball & Comforter bubble bar), Drummers Drumming, Dashing Santa.

Bomb Cosmetics

Cherry Bathe Well blaster, Santa's Grotto bath brulee, a bath creamer and a bath mallow - not sure what kind these are, they were all Christmas presents and it doesn't say!

The Yorkshire Soap Company

These are just a couple of extras I got for Christmas, the one that looks like cake is soap!  Also two little ones are bath creamers.  I wanted these to sit out because they're so pretty, but I thought they wouldn't last long in the bathroom with all the steam around so I've just put them on my dressing table, I think they look quite cute, and make my bedroom smell lovely!

Their website is down for maintenance at the moment so I can't get on to find the names of the products.  Also I'm not sure if they are CF but as they are handmade in UK it is likely that they are so watch this space until I find out!

I will probably do a similar post on my soap stash and storage :)


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