Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Beefayre Rhubarb & Raspberry Candle

When I was offered the chance to try something from Beefayre I was thrilled as although I hadn't heard of the company, after some quite googling I knew it was right up my street.  Beefayre was developed by artist Sharon Jervis and her son after visiting beekeepers in Romania.  The products are handmade in England using high quality ingredients, avoiding any petroleum by-products.  They also donate 3% of their profits to bee conservation and research which I think is brilliant! 

I am huge fan of scented candles so I went for the Rhubarb & Raspberry Scented Large Candle.  When I was first made aware of the company I was worried there might be beeswax in the candles but they are actually made from 100% natural plant wax.  They do use honey, pollen and beeswax in certain other products so these are not vegan, however they are all cruelty free. 

As much as I love candles I have to admit, I definitely a bit of a snob, so I wanted to put it through its paces before putting my review up!  I didn't get round to lighting it for a few days as I wanted to wait until the weekend so I could have it lit for while.  I just had it sitting on my dressing table and the smell was so strong, kept getting big wiffs of it as I walked past!

I found that I did need to have it lit for quite a few hours to get an even pool of wax all the way to the jar and after it cooling I did end up with some bubbles in the wax which I've not seen before - this didn't affect the burn in any way though.  One of the things I hate about candles is the smell when you blow them out, Yankee ones for example have a very acrid smell which overpowers the nice one you've just created by burning it!  However this smelt no where near as bad, it was definitely still there but not as suffocating and didn't smell like horrible chemicals.

The large scented candle comes in at £14.95 with a burn time of 50 hours which I think is a very reasonable price, especially considering they are handmade in the UK!  They also do small votives for £7.50 (or a set of 3 for £24) and a set of 3 tealights for £6.95, with lots of different scents.  Click here for all the candle options.

I realise I'm quite sad but I'm looking forward to being able to reuse the beautiful glass when the candle is finished, it's so pretty!

*This is also a great Christmas present idea for candle lovers*



  1. I'm candle crazy right now, since moving in to my new flat I've become obsessed! Rhubarb and raspberry sounds like a beautiful combination and the packaging is just so pretty x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Yes! Candle for each room haha! It's annoying I have so many scented ones I can't light them all at once or it'll smell awful ha! It's mouthwatering! xx

  2. Sounds lovely and the glass is gorgeous! I will definitely check out this brand.

    1. Ah I know the glass is lovely! You should :) xx

  3. Raspberry & rhubarb sounds so good. I think I'll check these guys out.


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