Monday, 29 April 2013

Soap & Glory Glow Job

Ages ago I did a comparison post between Origins VitaZing and Soap & Glory Glow Job which you can see here (also click that link to see it on my face).  However VitaZing lasted me such a long time (until the end of March I think, it was in this empties post) that I didn't start using Glow Job properly until recently so I thought I'd write a wee review on it now that I've been using it for a while.

Stealing the photo from my last post ha, sneaky!!
Daily, I don't wear foundation, I am lucky enough to have reasonably clear skin but I do like to have a base of some sort so I don't look like a ghost.  VitaZing was the perfect product for me but since finding out they are not cruelty free I am unable to repurchase it!  I thought that Glow Job would be a good dupe as it's a similar idea - comes out the tube as a normal cream but then changes colours as you rub it in.

However, I am not enjoying using Glow Job.  The way it works is that in the moisturiser there are little beads of bronzer which burst to add colour, however they aren't even distributed and are quite difficult to burst actually!  Some mornings I will use it and get 6 beads, sometimes less and sometimes even none!  Also if you don't give them a good squeeze between your fingers then you'll end up with big orangey streaks across your face - not the best look.  It also has a slightly greasy finish, definitely not the worst but I have combination skin so I would rather it was a bit more matte.

It also doesn't contain any SPF which I don't like, I prefer to have even just a 10 or 15 SPF in my everyday make up.

I will finish using this tube but I wouldn't repurchase.  So the hunt continues!  I am looking into tinted moisturisers now but haven't really got my eye on any yet.  Someone did recommend Stila to me but I had a look on their website and couldn't see one, hmm??

Soap & Glory Glow Job is available in Boots for £9/75ml.



  1. I've seen this in Boots and often thought about trying it, I may avoid it now.

    I know Korres do one, not sure how good it is as I've never looked up any reviews, it's about £20 though :/

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Yeah it's not the best sadly! :( Hmm well if it was good I wouldn't mind paying that!

  2. I know it may not be appealing but I love using Superdrug's BB Cream as my tinted moisturiser! :) It's cruelty-free too ;) I use it on stay-at-home days when I only pop to the store and I don't want to scare the postman. ;) It's not light coverage and not medium - something in between and I like it!

    Thanks for the review of Glow Job! It looks great but I won't be spending money on it. X

    1. Oooh I will maybe have a look out for that then, thanks!

  3. Urgh, I'm so jealous that you don't have to wear foundation every day!!!! x

    1. Hahah sorry! I think it was my dad that gave me good genes, clear skin and fast metabolism!

  4. What, Soap & Glory are cruelty free? Had NO idea!!


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