Friday 19 April 2013

Cruelty Free Online Shopping Guide

Over the past year or so I have come across a few great websites which specialise in stocking only cruelty free products.  It allows you to browse in confidence and come across new brands or ones you might not have heard of before.  I thought I would make this list to display them all in the one place, and I'll also link in the Cruelty Free Brands page above, so you know where to find it if you're looking for it again.

CutECOsmetics is probably my favourite website from the list, it's so beautifully displayed and easy to use.  I've also worked with them a couple of times and they are lovely!  You can also specify if you only want to view vegan products or organic products which is great.  Some brands they sell are Butter London, Amie, Inika, Lily Lolo, Neve Cosmetics and OCC.

The next website is Cocktail Cosmetics, personally I haven't bought anything from them but they do stock loads of brands like Yaby, Sugarpill, Lime Crime, Sigma and NYX.  I remember this website from before they had a makeover and it said that all the brands were PETA certified which I don't actually trust alone, so if you're like me or not sure about any of them then maybe just contact the brand directly first.  I'm not sure whether that is still how they work but just to let you know!

Next up is Amarya which is a natural and organic (mostly skincare) beauty site, and I tweeted them yesterday to ask about cruelty free products and they said that is their main concern and all brands are cruelty free.  I haven't bought anything from them yet but I am going to buy a Dr Hauschka deodorant today - ooooh exciting!!  They stock brands like Balance Me, Antipodes, Lavera, Weleda and Neom; and they also offer a beauty box which is pretty cool!  EDIT: Now called LoveLula.

Ruffle No Feathers is the most recent of these websites, it only launched a few weeks ago!  They only stock brands which are BUAV Approved which is fantastic - no need for double checking!  Some of the brands included are Bulldog, SpaRitual, Buddha Beauty and BM Beauty.  They also do Astonish who sell cruelty free household cleaning products like dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, various cleaning sprays...

Naturisimo is one I forgot about, and I have actually used it to buy Organic Surge shampoo and conditioner!  They are quite similar to Amarya but have some different brands, however be careful as   I know they sell Caudalie who aren't cruelty free.  Some of the brands Naturisimo stock are Pai, Bodhi, Bellepierre, Green People and Tisserand.


So these are the websites I know of so far, if you know of any others I should check out then let me know.  I will update this post if and when I come across others!



  1. Great choices of websites the only one I didn't know about was Ruffle No Feathers, so I will be taking a look at that one :)

    1. Aw good, I had been following them on twitter for a while before they opened so that's how I found out about them!

  2. I love the Cosmetics Cocktail website, their custumer service is amazing! I really like Naturisimo as well they have lots of amazing natural and cruelty free brands! xx

    1. Oooh I have been on that website - I knew I'd forgot about some haha thank you!

  3. Thanks for the helpful information! It is unbelievable that there are so many brands that still let their products or ingredients test on animals. :(
    I will definitely have a look at all these pages! :)

    Great post!


  4. Love love love Amarya!! I asked them about their animal testing policy because I subscribe to their Beauty Box & they sent me a wonderful, indepth response which I posted on my blog if you want a looksy!

    They've also just bought to create the biggest natural and organic beauty website in Europe so they're about to get even better! X

    1. Aw fab I'll need to check that out :) Oooh I'll have a look at that website thanks!


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