Friday 5 April 2013

My Wee Etsy Shop!

I seem to be starting a lot of new projects recently instead of studying but never mind!  I'd like to share my Etsy shop with you that I made the other day.  It all started when we cleared out the loft and ended up having to organise loads of my gran's jewellery, some we kept, some are going to auction, and some we didn't really know what to do with.  She had such a big collection of costume jewellery which isn't particularly valuable but the brooches really quite pretty, so I decided to hold onto them along with some other earrings and necklaces.  They are lovely but unfortunately they're just not my style and I'd want someone to get joy out of wearing them.

I took about 20 of the brooches to a local antique shop where he offered me an absolute pitance for the lot, disgusted, I left and wondered what would be the best way to sell them.  I was thinking eBay but it's not the best place for selling things like this, then I suddenly remembered about Etsy and wondered if you could sell vintage items on there, and hey ho, you can!  I opened up my account and created a shop - which is so easy by the way!  I only put 11 items to begin with so not to overwhelm it and to gauge the reaction, and 5 sold within the first hour which is great!  I will probably put another few up next week, I might even introduce some of the other items such as clip-on earrings.

If you are into vintage jewellery or know someone who is then please check it out and pass it on :)




  1. Lovely selection!

    Emma x

  2. lovely brooches, I'm sure they will be popular :)

  3. Their so gorgeous, might have to get my hands on one! :) xo

    1. Yayy! I'll probably be putting some more up on Sunday :)

  4. Ooh good luck with your shop! How exciting xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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