Friday, 1 February 2013

Special Soap Shop Bath Collection

bath bombs and bath salts

Bethany from the Special Soap Shop very kindly offered to send me a selection of her lovely bath products to try out and share my thoughts on here.  They are handmade, cruelty free and contain the following ingredients... The bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and then essential oils depending on what 'flavour' it is. The bath salts contain magnesium sulphate, sea salt, epsom salt, natrasorb bath and again, the essential oils.

Out of the options I chose rose, lavender, vanilla spice and strawberry.  There are lots of other fragrances such as exotic spices, lemon, and coffee.

The bright pink one is lavender which should be purple but due to an error with her suppliers it ended up bright pink!! I just thought I should mention this in case you see the purple one and wonder why it's a different colour haha!

bath bombs
bath bombs and bath salts

Bath Bombs
I haven't actually used a bath bomb in ages as my bath product of choice tends to be a bubble bar, so I can't really compare these to any mainstream bath bombs.

For each one, I would drop it in after running running my bath. It sank to the bottom and fizzled away happily until they was nothing left.  I didn't find it left any sort of colour in the water even though the lavender and strawberry ones are quite bright.  It filled the room with a really pleasant, delicate aroma.  It wasn't overpowering at all, just quite soothing and relaxing.

If you like having bubbles in your bath then you could quite easily use the bomb first and then add some bubble bath after it has dissolved.

Bath Salts
I really loved this!  I expected to prefer the bath bombs as the idea of bath salts sounds quite boring to me but this was far from boring!  The one I had was Rose and so soon as I poured it in, the scent filled the room.  It was much stronger than the bath bombs but still not overpowering.  There were little petals in amongst the salts and it turned the water slightly cloudy.  It was a thoroughly luxurious experience!

You can buy these from Bethany's Etsy or Folksy shop for £2.60.  This weekend she is offering free delivery and 10% off with the code Valday1!!

You can also follow her on twitter @SpecialSoapShop.



  1. The bath bombs look really nice, I'm starting to get a bit 'meh' about Lush's x

    1. Aww really? Actually not had a Lush one for years, I think I have one lurking in a drawer somewhere though...

  2. i totally love bath bombs!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Check out my blog?
    -Jenna <3

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