Monday, 25 February 2013

Long Hair Up Class Part 1

If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know that I've been attending an evening long hair up class at a local college.  It's on Wednesday nights 6.30-8.30pm for 6 weeks.  I am now halfway through so I thought I'd share what we've learned so far!  Ideally I would like to do tutorials for these styles but some are pretty complicated to translate via blog post so I'll just need to have a go and see how they turn out...

Week 1

Although this was the first style we did I found this the trickiest so far! You use the same piece of hair on the left and right of each level so it needs to be quite long. It uses a repetitive figure of eight motion for the main body but it is easily adaptable to whatever look you're going for. For example you could make a bow at the to and then go onto the middle section; built it outwards to give it more dimensions; or create a different shape with the hair.

Week 2

This one probably isn't to everyone's taste as it slightly reminds me of Medusa haha!!   However I think it could be adapted to look really nice, for example adding some little flowers, pearls or gems to follow the shape of the hair.  Also instead of twisting the hair you could make fishtail plaits.  The tutor showed us how she used this effect on a bride recently, she used padding to make the bottom bigger and sit in the nape of the neck, and the top was more 'drapey' rather than twisted - it was lovely!

Week 3
creepy me in the background!
This was what we did last week - my favourite so far, and to be honest, the easiest too!  It is quite simple but very time consuming, I wasn't happy with how I finished it as I had to rush as class was finishing!  I can definitely do a tutorial for this one as it's pretty straight forward, with lots of repetition.  She only showed us how to do the shape at the bottom, and left the front bit for us to come up with something ourselves so it was really interesting to see how everyone's turned out very different!

I'm looking forward to this weeks' which she showed us last week, an asymmetric plait which she finished in about 5/6 minutes!!  I will put up the rest of the styles at the end of the course although follow me on Instagram (LooweezBx) for photos every week :)



  1. Ooo these are lovely Louise! Although I am only on the other side of that mirror I hadn't seen them before! I hated that one on week two! basket weaves are my nemesis! lolol xxx

    1. Thanks! Haha I know I've not seen yours either!! Aww I know, it's not really that nice lol :/

  2. I love look 2 the best, you can do that to me the next time I see you ;) x

  3. These are gorgeous :)


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