Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nail Varnish Challenge #1

Here is the first colour from my Nail Varnish Challenge, it is Coral Sands by Avon (not CF).  I bought this years ago and I think it was limited edition.  I wouldn't call this coral at all, it's more of a salmon pink with teal shimmer through it.

I don't think I suit this shade of pink to be honest, and because of how subtle the shimmer is (i.e. non-existant) it's just a bit boring really...  On a more positive note it has a nice formula and I've used two coats in the photos.

I'm not going to be keeping this one, if anyone likes to the look of it and wants to buy it off me feel free to get in touch!  It'll just be getting sold via next blog sale/eBay/car boot sale anyway :)



  1. It's a nice colour but I don't think I'd keep it either, it's not something I'd get a lot of wear out of x

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Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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