Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Night Time Skincare Routine

Ever since the #bbloggers chat just after Christmas which was all about skincare, I decided that I needed to sort myself out!  I would always just use makeup remover wipes every night to take of my makeup, and cleanse maybe once or twice a fortnight?!  I started my transition slowly, I would take off my eye makeup with remover and a cottonball, then cleanse if I was going for a shower if not I'd use wipes to take the rest off when I got into bed (I keep them in my bedside drawer for ease of use!).  Now I have actually got the whole shebang going on: eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner and moisturiser!  How long this lasts remains to be seen but I will definitely keep using eye makeup remover every night and try to do the rest at least twice a week.  The only thing I am missing is an eye cream for night time, feel free to leave me recommendations below!

I guess before I go on I should mention my skin type: in general I am combination but with this cold weather I have become dry, flaky and dehydrated - fun!

Eye Makeup Remover:
The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this when my Boot Botanics one ran out, I had heard bad things about their rebranding and I didn't want to repurchase.  Amy from A Little Boat Sailing had reviewed this is and said it was quite good so I bought the big bottle in the sale for £4.80 instead of £8.  I am quite pleased with it at the moment but I won't repurchase it straight away as I would quite like to try the Neal's Yard one next time.  I will give it another few weeks then see if it is good or bad enough for a review.
[£8/250ml - The Body Shop]

 Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I was lucky enough to receive this at the Neal's Yard Remedies Blogger event in Glasgow last year.  I had my eye on it when we were in the shop and one of the lovely girls had said there would be a sample of it in the goody bag.  However, we all got full size items!!!  It was actually amazing.  I wasn't going to start using this until my other cleanser ran out but I realised it was drying out my skin so I just put it aside and moved onto this.  It is so lovely and soothing.  It comes with a muslin cloth and the balm contains little particles too so that combination gives a soft exfoliating effect when you remove it from your skin.  I will probably do a review on this later on as it's a very versatile product which I would definitely repurchase.
[£37/50g - Neal's Yard Remedies]  

Lush Breath of Fresh Air/Eau Roma Water

Toner is my favourite skincare item, which is pretty weird yes... but I just find it so lovely and refreshing!  Sometimes your skin can feel sticky with cleanser residue and the toner just gets rid of anything left over on the skin.  I haven't tried any other toners expect for the Liz Earle one which was years ago when a family friend bought me the the little starter set, but I really didn't use it and most of it got poured away.  At the moment I am using Breath of Fresh Air which contains seaweed and aloe vera for a refreshing seaside scent.  I am nearly finished this and my friends very kindly bought me Eau Roma Water for my birthday which is lavender and rose water, so I look forward to trying that and deciding which I prefer.
[£7.25/250g - Lush]

Liz Earle Skin Repair in Normal/Combination

As I mentioned above I first tried this when I was given the starter set as a present.  When the moisturiser ran out I repurchased it a few times, often sharing with my mum who loved it too!  Then I fell out of the habit as my skin became more oily and the dry skin one I had was too rich for it.  Now, a few years later I really found I missed it.  I had been using Oilatum (not sure if this is CF or not) but I found it had a funny smell after a while and wasn't very pleasant to apply, and my day one is a Clarins (not CF) one I got ages ago which is mattifying for combination skin - so not good for night time on very dry skin!  I am so glad to have repurchased this, it feels so nice on the skin and smells amazing!
[£18.75/50ml - Liz Earle]



  1. ooo the Neals Yard Balm sounds soooo nice! I'm really keen to try a balm cleanser at the moment as my skin normally is combination but like you it is very dry and flaky at the moment, nothing seems to be sorting these issues!

    Thank you for the mention, I hope you like it as you continue to use it more :)

    Amy xx

    1. It is so nice, downside is the price!

      Haha you're welcome! :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel about toner! It's one of my favorites as well :) It makes my skincare routine much more satisfying because you actually see all the gunk that the cleanser didn't remove! I use the "Tea Tree" toner by Lush but I'll check out the Breath of Fresh Air! great post xx

    1. Yes! Very satisfying haha! Thank you :)

  3. Have you tried a face oil? they are good at balancing out the skin whether you are oily or dry so it might suit you well. I'd like to try some Neals Yard products but haven't got around to it

    1. No I've not! I am not very adventurous when it comes to skincare but I will definitely bear that in mind! Yeah they're nice, was so lucky to get to try some bits from the goody bag!

  4. what a beauts of a blog! i am a new follower :)!
    great post! i have been looking to try out the liz earl mosituriser for a while now!


    1. Aww thank you so much :D I recommend it!!

  5. Love, love, love breath of fresh air! You've reminded me I need to repurchase x


Thank you so much for your comments, they are much appreciated! :)

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