Friday, 11 January 2013

Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar

Apologies for the stock photo, mine is currently a lump of squidge in my shower!
[Photo from Lush no copyright infringement intended]

I bought this shampoo at least a year ago and it has been lying in cupboard until a few weeks ago when I ran out of my previous shampoo.  I haven't done a shampoo review before as I'm not particularly enthusiastic about hair products, as long as my hair is clean and I can get a brush through it I'm quite happy, so here we go...

Ultimate Shine is solid shampoo from Lush and one bar costs £5.25.

The smell is quite subtle, clean and fresh, but it doesn't really linger on the hair.

It lathers up really nicely and you only need one use as after rinsing it left my hair literally squeaky clean!

Unfortunately this contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as the main ingredient which is disappointing for Lush, so it wouldn't be suitable for people who try to avoid this.

I actually used this for cleaning my makeup brushes as it works really well for that so I can't say for sure how long it would last if you used it solely on your hair.  I would say that for me - although I haven't finished it yet - it seems to be lasting a similar time as a 100ml bottle of shampoo, with me washing it about twice a week.  So it would probably last slightly longer than this if you weren't using it to wash your brushes!

If you have not used a shampoo bar before, don't be scared of them!  They are actually fine, albeit slightly messy to work with.  I recommend keeping them in a soap travel container rather then then tins you can buy from Lush.  I got one of the tins the first time and it just gets stuck, it sort of suctions itself once it's wet making it very difficult to get back out again!

Once dry my hair did look a bit shinier I think, and I got quite a lot of comments from people asking if I had dyed it!  I think that because I had been using a colour protecting shampoo before, when I moved onto this one it stripped any dye residue which had been holding on?!  I don't even know if this is possible but that's my theory!  I also found myself washing my hair less often but then again that could be sheer laziness and nothing to do with the shampoo!

I would repurchase this, however not straight away as I have ordered the Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner so I'm looking forward to trying them!



  1. Let's skip aside my hate for Lush and say that I've never tried a shampoo bar, I'm a bit unsure about them but they are popular amongst natural bloggers.

    1. Lol! Yes they are a very odd experience, it feels very wrong!

  2. I really want to try one of these, a 100ml bottle of shampoo doesn't taste me long though :/x

    1. Aw :/ see I am just a mink as I rarely wash my hair so it lasts quite a while! Haha


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