Saturday, 22 December 2012

EOTD: Basic Neutral Eye with Liner

This is a very basic eye look - clearly! - but I thought I would show you it anyway.  The good thing about this makeup is that it's great for everyday but then it is also a perfect eye to pair with a matte red lip, add a flick and you've got a vintage 50s look.

Unfortunately as I didn't use a primer or base my eyeshadow had worn off a bit before I took the photos, so it was more defined when I left my house!  You can also vary the depth of the crease by using more or a darker shadow.

I just used Virgin all over then Naked in the crease, then lined my eyes with a black gel liner.  Apologies for my gross glasses marks haha oh the joys of being short sighted!

This is really random but I just thought I'd mention that I rarely put mascara on my bottom lashes because it always transfers onto my skin :( I've been meaning to buy a cheapo waterproof one for using on them but I just keep forgetting.  I think it looks kind of unfinished so for nights out and such I wear it but for everyday I don't bother!

I will probably do a 50s total makeup look quite soon as that is what we've been doing in college, so look out for that!



  1. I never put mascara on my bottom lashes! I just find it uncomfortable and it gives my lashes the spider-leg look that I hate.

    1. Ahh yeah some people suit it and on some it just looks odd!

  2. Looks lovely :) I always get that transfer too! x

  3. I always put mascara on my bottom lashes, luckily it doesn't transfer with my mascara!
    I shall look forward to the 50s look x

    1. Aw jealous! Hopefully a waterproof one will work on me :(


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