Tuesday, 18 December 2012

WishyWashy Soaps | Strawberry Sparkling Santa

This is the second product I've used from the lovely bundle I received from Alex at WishyWashy Soaps, see them all here!  Again like all her other items, this soap is cruelty-free, paraben-free and SLS-free!  As the name suggests it is a strawberry scented festive soap, with a coating of glitter on the top.  I absolutely love the smell of this, it smells like strawberry jelly, like the really concentrated stuff you dissolve in water first...  I don't actually eat jelly because it has gelatine in it and to be honest I never really liked the taste, however I do love the smell!  This guy costs £2.

The layer of glitter on the top also acts as an exfoliant for the first couple of times you use it which is an added bonus.  It's only one on side so you can just use it on specific areas then use the other side as a normal soap.

There is also a Lavender and Chamomile Twinkling Angel soap in the Seasonal collection.  I've only just started using this one but it's got the same formula as Santa and it's got a nice relaxing scent.  I do prefer the Santa one, only because I prefer fruity smells in general anyway.

These are my ones that I was sent, they're just the cute wee sample sizes!  I would definitely buy the Strawberry Santa one for myself or as a present, they're such lovely stocking fillers for anyone who likes bath and body goodies.




  1. This sounds so lovely, the fact that they're shaped makes them so much cute x

  2. Hi Louise, I know that this was a loooooong time ago but just wanted to let you know we rebranded in 2017 to OliveOilSoapShop.com. pop over and tell me what you think?


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