Thursday, 12 July 2012

Urban Decay, make up your mind!

Well, I'm sure you all remember the palaver about Urban Decay deciding to sell in China to try to 'change them from the inside', and therefore revoking their cruelty-free status.  This lead to an outcry from the beauty community, particularly those against animal testing.

However they made a statement on the 6th I believe it was, saying that they had decided not to sell in China anymore, you can read this statement here.  They don't go into specifics about what exactly made them change their mind.  A lot of people have been really relieved and are so proud of their decision, for listening to their customers, the power of us all getting together and making a stand.   For example PETA have given a Courage in Commerce Award for deciding that animals are more important than profit.  Which I find rather patronising to be honest - sorry, I really don't like PETA!

But then there has been a lot of speculation about what really happened, what went wrong?  They were so determined to try and change the world then suddenly they were backpedaling.  Was it really the outcry from their cruelty free customers that made them change their mind?  I have even heard people talking about how perhaps it could just be an elaborate publicity stunt!

Personally, I will continue to buy from them but I definitely don't feel the same way about them as I did before.  The fact that they were willing to give up their Leaping Bunny status and have their products tested on animals still has a lingering effect on me.

I thought I would link in a couple of other cruelty free blogger's opinions on what UD have done:

Alex at The Modern Vegetarian's thoughts here
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What are your thoughts?



  1. I do find it odd that they seemed to suddenly change their minds. I am happy about it because I do love UD but I know what you mean that it isn't quite the same now and I thought it was a bit daft for PETA to give them an award for it!

    1. Yeah :S me too, I am so glad but still find it a bit shady lol xx

  2. Like some people said, I think they did it because they'd lose so many clients over this. However, what matters to me is that they decided to drop China and stay cruelty-free.

    1. Always about money haha! Exactly :) xx

  3. I was very glad to hear that they changed their minds!

  4. I've never owned anything Urban Decay so don't have much of an opinion on whether or not I'll continue to buy from them :P But I'm still suspicious, but glad.

    But I love that you don't like PETA. I think they do more harm than good for the animal rights cause!

    Morag x

    1. Tis rather odd!

      Uch I know they're so annoying :| BUAV all the way haha :)


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