Friday, 27 July 2012

NOTD: Formidable!

I'm afraid I've been super lazy again... I did my nails last night but only just took photos today, oops, please forgive me and excuse the tip wear!  I do have a good excuse though, I painted them half an hour or so before I had to leave, so definitely no time for photos!

Here I am wearing MAC Formidable! (not CF) which is from the Venomous Villain's Collection.  They had some really nice polishes with that collection, I have also got another one, Bad Fairy, which is a coppery pink sort of duochrome.  Formidable!, although it looks purple in the bottle, is a chocolatey brown colour with turquoise shimmer in it.  I do wish it was more purple rather than brown but never mind!  I have found the application of this to be rather tricky, it becomes patchy really easily, and as you can see there is a lot of tip wear after quite a short length of time.  I might try applying this over black to see what that looks like - if you don't see a post on that in the near future then it looks ugly!  In the photos I have used 2 coats.



  1. What a pretty and unique shade... never seen it before! its gonna be great for the autumn months too :) x


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