Sunday, 22 July 2012

Keeping Fit

Although my blog is mostly beauty I do like to add in some different posts here and there just to mix it up a little!  Recently I've been doing a lot of exercise and I thought I would share with you some of things I have been doing and my thoughts on them.

Callanetics is quite an unusual type of fitness class I would say, I'd never heard of it and I've not seen anything else like it!  My mum said she used to do it when she was younger so I think it has been around for a while but is becoming quite popular again now.

The class is an hour long and it involves doing little pulsey movement but doing a lot of reps, so sometimes we will do a movement 50 times, or even up to 200!  Some examples would be putting your right arm over your head to the left and left hand on your hip, then doing tiny movements stretching your arm towards the left 100 times, then repeating this but after 50 placing your left hand behind your back, then again but after 50 holding your left arm out to the side - and of course doing it for the opposite side too.  Another one is that we do mini sit-ups, we'll do 100 normally, then 100 with one leg up straight, then the other leg, then both legs up.  I'm getting tired out just typing this!

I have been going to this class for about a year now, but not continually.  I really like it, you feel results the next day and if I miss a week, I will suffer haha!  It costs £5 but my friend pays for me every second week because she loves me - I also pick her up and take her there every week!!  

Pole Dancing/Fitness:
This one might seem a bit controversial, but honestly, I don't care!  I love it, and I'm not ashamed to tell people that I do it.  I first learned about pole fitness classes a couple of years ago as one of my friends in work did it and I thought it sounded great!  However I tried to find the class she went to later on and the woman who ran it didn't do it locally any more.  Luckily there was a deal on KGB deals for 2 people for 2 classes and it was only £7!  I have been doing it ever since then on and off, so I think probably for about a year.  So far I haven't actually had to pay for a class as I've just been buying vouchers when they come up, but I think they've cottoned on to this and now the vouchers are saying 'beginners only' - gutted!

At the classes I have been to there are different levels so you start at beginner learning basic spins, then building on that to do more complicated ones and to combine them.  You also learn how to sit and stand on the pole securely without holding on, which is a basis for more complicated moves at a later stage.  Intermediate - which is where I am currently - is where you start doing various inverts (going upside down).  I will warn you, you will end up covered in friction burn and bruises, but it's worth it!!

It is more of a muscular work out but if you are doing it for a long period of time, or if you are doing a routine it's also great cardio.  I noticed that my arms have become really muscular since doing it, whereas before I never had any upper body strength at all!

I went to two different places, one was £7 for an hour and the other was £10 for an hour and a half, they both did block booking discounts too I think.

Honestly, I don't love running, especially long distance (anything over 200m to me!).  I am definitely built more for sprinting and I was good at that at school.  But I am trying to get myself into it because it is a good work out and it's free!!  I have dodgy knees so investing in a good pair of running shoes were a must for me, and they make such a difference!  The main thing that puts me off - other than sheer laziness - is that I don't really feel safe running around my town by myself and it's annoying trying to organise times to do it with someone else.

I hadn't tried yoga until recently when my friend and I went to a block of 8 classes using a livingsocial deal.  It's a lot more hard work than you would expect!  Although there are some relaxation and meditation periods - thank god - there is a lot of hard work in between!  Again, it is more of muscular strengthening one but when you are doing sun salutations over and over again you end up sweating and out of breath!  It's also good for flexability, which I lack!  I would really like to find a local one and get back into it.  I think the prices are about £5 for a class.

I love zumba!  It's basically just a latin based dance class but you don't need to be able to dance, you just copy the instructor.  It's so fun and great for all ages, sizes and abilities.  The music is really good, there are specific zumba songs and they also use chart music, and lots of songs you will recognise from the past.  It's not particularly taxing if you are used to exercise but it's a good laugh and still a good hour of moving about!  I haven't been in ages and I really miss it!  The one I go to is really close to where I live so it's very handy, and it's £4 a class.

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So those are the exercises I have been doing recently!  I also would really like to try pilates and kettle bells, and apparently there is some sort of exercise class which is based on ballet which sounds interesting!

What do you do to keep fit?  Any other recommendations for me to try?



  1. I do pole fitness too! It is my favorite way to excercise!

    Taylor Brione

    1. It's amazing, love it so much :D

  2. I've been doing some zumba recently, I really want to try pole dance fitness but I think they might have a bit of an issue with me doing it because of my age haha x

    1. Hmm if you found a place that does them and asked it would probably be fine, one of the ones I went to there were some youngish girls there, I don't think there is an specific age you must be tbh!

  3. Never heard of Callanetics, sounds effective!
    I love Zumba too. :) x

    1. Ohh it is! Aw yayy it's so fun :D

  4. Kettlebells is great. It can be difficult depending on the amount of reps you do and what weight you're using but it really helps to tone and define.

    Laura xo

    1. Yeah it sounds like it could be pretty tough! But still good haha!

  5. I like this post :) No wonder you're so fit! I still want to try pole dancing!xx

    1. Aw thanks :D hahah it's not like I do all that every week :P You really should, there's still deals going around LivingSocial & stuff!


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